Worst Horror

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Dangerous Attraction – Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1993

Dark Heritage – David McCormick, USA, 1989

The Dark Side of Midnight aka The Creeper – Wes Olsen, USA, 1984

Dead at the Box Office – Shawn Stutler, USA, 2005

Dead by Dawn 2: The Return – Nigel Hartwell, 2009

Dead is Dead – Mike Stanley, USA, 1992


Dead Life – William Victor Schotten, USA, 2005

The Dead One aka Blood of the Zombies – Barry Mahon, USA, 1961

dead one pressbook

Dead Squad – Dominik Hauser, USA, 2018

Dead Things – Todd Sheets, USA, 1986


The Dead Will Rise – 2009

Deadly Games – Scott Mansfield, USA, 1980

Death by Dialogue – Thomas Dewier [as Tom DeWier], USA, 1988

Death Curse of Tartu – William Grefe, USA, 1966

Death Factory – Brad Sykes, USA, 2002

Death House – Harrison Smith, USA, 2017

Death Mask – Steve Latshaw, 1998

Death Nurse and its sequel


Death Row Diner – USA, 1988

Death Tunnel – Philip Adrian Booth, 2005

Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill – Byron Werner, 2004


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Delitti – Giovanna Lenzi, Sergio Pastore, Italy, 1986

Dementia aka Daughter of Horror – USA, 1953


The Demon – Percival Rubens, South Africa, 1979


Demon Dolls – Todd Jason Cook, USA, 1993

Demon Haunt – Ted V. Mikels, USA, 2009

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Demon Hunter aka The Legend of Blood Mountain – Massey Cramer, USA, 1965

Demon Queen – Donald Farmer, USA, 1986

Demonoid – Alfredo Zacharias, Mexico/USA, 1981

Devil Story – Bernard Launois, France, 1985

Die Cheerleader Die -Jerry Peterson [as Fred Stephens], USA, 2008


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Die Hard Dracula – Peter Horak, USA, 1998

Diary of a Cannibal – Ulli Lommel, 2007

Die, You  Zombie Bastards! – Caleb Emerson, USA, 2005

Dinocroc – Kevin O’Neill, USA, 2004

Disciple of Death – Tom Parkinson, UK, 1972

disciple of death

Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype – Charles B. Griffith, USA, 1980

Oliver Reed as Dr. Heckyl

Don’t Go in the Woods – James Bryan, USA, 1980


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Don’t Go Near the Park – Lawrence D. Folds, USA, 1979

Don't Go Near the Park (1981)

Don’t Open Till Christmas – Edmund Purdom, UK, 1984

Don't Open Till Xmas

Don’t Panic – Rubén Galindo Jr., Mexico, 1988


Don’t Wake the Dead – Andreas Schnaas, West Germany, 1988


Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) – William Edwards, USA, 1969

Dracula Blows His Cool – Carl Schenkel [as Carlo Ombra], West Germany, 1979


Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein – Jesús Franco, Spain/France, 1972

Dracula vs. Frankenstein – Al Adamson, USA, 1971

Dracula vs. Frankenstein Al Adamson 1971

Dracula 2000 – Patrick Lussier, USA, 2000

Dracula 3000: Infinite Darkness – Darrell James Roodt, Germany/South Africa


Dreamaniac – David DeCoteau, USA, 1986


Dungeons of Harrow aka Dungeons of Horror – Pat Boyette, USA, 1962

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7 Comments on “Worst Horror”

  1. The remake of Halloween, Amityville 3-D, Doom Asylum, Troll 2, Xtro 2, Howling III, Goulies IV, but I’ve changed my mind about Frostbiter and Night Train To Terror though, having watched them again, but Deadtime Stories, Graveyard Tales are pretty bad though and The Neon Demon, but I wouldn’t say that Neon Maniacs is a bad film, terrible film’s would be Maniac, 1980, Don’t Go In The Woods, The Village, Trogg, Creepozoids, Braindead, Return Of The Living Dead-Rave From The Grave, The Incredible Melting Man, Ibiza Of The Living Dead, Poltergeist III and the remake of the original, The Clown, Hellraiser after the first four, Headhunter, Toxic Zombies, Night Of The Zombies, Oasis Of The Zombies, Burial Ground, The Child, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, the remake of Carnival Of Souls, Knight riders, Demonic Toys 2, the Puppet Master film’s after the first three, the Pumpkinhead film’s after the original, any sequel to The Lost Boy’s, any remake of An American Werewolf In London, you can’t fix what was never broken, Silent Night, Deadly Night 5, Slaughter High, Rest In Pieces, Frozen Scream, Unhinged, 1980, dreadful……like The Supernaturals…..Redneck Zombies, The Old Witch Who Came Up From The Sea, Chillerama…..

  2. Why is The Screaming Skull filmed so dreadfully out of focus? That lovely woman had a marvelous body and the poor focus really ruined the majority of the fabulous nighty and dressing down for the night shots. What a bod!! Why would the hubby want to get rid of her -I don’t get it?

  3. This is a good comprehensive list, but ‘Bloodbath At The House Of Death”, ‘The Monster Club”, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Born(The Monster)” are classics, but I would have included ‘Surf Nazi’s Must Die”, ‘Toxic Avenger III & IV”, ‘Night Train To Terror”, (anthology), ‘Frostbiter:Wrath Of The Wendigo”, ‘Don’t Panic!”, ‘Monster Dog”, ‘Halloween 4, 5,6 & Resurrection” , ‘The Clown”, ‘The Children Of Ravensgate”, ‘Omen IV- The Awakening”, ‘Grave Of The Vampire”, ‘The Stuff”, ‘Street Trash”, ‘Puppetmaster IV” and the film’s beyond, ‘Phantasm IV-Oblivion”, ‘Raiders Of The Living Dead”, the re-makes’ of ‘Prom Night”, ‘April Fool’s Day”, ‘Day Of The Dead”, ‘Dawn Of The Dead”, ‘Day Of The Dead 2-Contagium”, ‘Bodymelt”, ‘Beyond Re-animator”, ‘Creepshow 3″, ‘Redkneck Zombies”, ‘Chopper Chick’s In Zombie Town” & the sequal, ‘Graveyard Shift and the sequal-‘The Understudy”, the re-makes’ of ‘Psycho”, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street”, ‘Texas Chainsaw”, ‘Video Dead”, ‘Species III”, ‘TerrorVision”, ‘Hellraiser-Inferno, Hellseeker”, ‘Hellworld” and all the sequal’s since, ‘Night Of The Demon’s 2-Angela’s Revenge”, the remake of ‘Night Of The Demons”, ‘Demons 3-The Ogre”, ‘Edge Of Sanity”, ‘Warlock 2 & 3″, ‘Dark Dealer”, ‘Human Centipede 1 & 2″, ‘Galaxy Of Terror”, ‘The Last Cannibal World”, ‘The Runestone”, ‘The Curse”, ‘Gothika”, ‘Wishmaster 3 & 4″, ‘Seed Of Chucky”, ‘Quicksilver Highway”, ‘House IV”.

  4. I could scroll through this over and over and over. The images alone are entertaining. “Bloodbath at the House of Death’s” movie poster might be my favorite.

    We just got a DVD compilation the other day that had “Deathrow Gameshow” and it should be on here, however, it’s also so damn entertaining I don’t think you can do it. Take a look at it when you have time. It’s fantastic.

    Thanks for this.

    1. Hi again,
      Forgot another title of the worst Horror of all time, the re-make of ‘It’s Alive”, I would say any sequal’s after the original ‘Return Of The Living Dead”, lastly ‘Candyman III”.

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