Worst Horror

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Dangerous Attraction – Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1993

Dark Heritage – David McCormick, USA, 1989

The Dark Side of Midnight aka The Creeper – Wes Olsen, USA, 1984

Dead at the Box Office – Shawn Stutler, USA, 2005

Dead by Dawn 2: The Return – Nigel Hartwell, 2009

Dead is Dead – Mike Stanley, USA, 1992


Dead Life – William Victor Schotten, USA, 2005

The Dead One aka Blood of the Zombies – Barry Mahon, USA, 1961

dead one pressbook

Dead Squad – Dominik Hauser, USA, 2018

Dead Things – Todd Sheets, USA, 1986


The Dead Will Rise – 2009

Deadly Games – Scott Mansfield, USA, 1980

Death by Dialogue – Thomas Dewier [as Tom DeWier], USA, 1988

Death Curse of Tartu – William Grefe, USA, 1966

Death Factory – Brad Sykes, USA, 2002

Death House – Harrison Smith, USA, 2017

Death Mask – Steve Latshaw, 1998

Death Nurse and its sequel


Death Row Diner – USA, 1988

Death Tunnel – Philip Adrian Booth, 2005

Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill – Byron Werner, 2004


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Delitti – Giovanna Lenzi, Sergio Pastore, Italy, 1986

Dementia aka Daughter of Horror – USA, 1953


The Demon – Percival Rubens, South Africa, 1979


Demon Dolls – Todd Jason Cook, USA, 1993

Demon Haunt – Ted V. Mikels, USA, 2009

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Demon Hunter aka The Legend of Blood Mountain – Massey Cramer, USA, 1965

Demon Queen – Donald Farmer, USA, 1986

Demonoid – Alfredo Zacharias, Mexico/USA, 1981

Devil Story – Bernard Launois, France, 1985

Die Cheerleader Die -Jerry Peterson [as Fred Stephens], USA, 2008


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Die Hard Dracula – Peter Horak, USA, 1998

Diary of a Cannibal – Ulli Lommel, 2007

Die, You  Zombie Bastards! – Caleb Emerson, USA, 2005

Dinocroc – Kevin O’Neill, USA, 2004

Disciple of Death – Tom Parkinson, UK, 1972

disciple of death

Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype – Charles B. Griffith, USA, 1980

Oliver Reed as Dr. Heckyl

Don’t Go in the Woods – James Bryan, USA, 1980


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Don’t Go Near the Park – Lawrence D. Folds, USA, 1979

Don't Go Near the Park (1981)

Don’t Open Till Christmas – Edmund Purdom, UK, 1984

Don't Open Till Xmas

Don’t Panic – Rubén Galindo Jr., Mexico, 1988


Don’t Wake the Dead – Andreas Schnaas, West Germany, 1988


Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) – William Edwards, USA, 1969

Dracula Blows His Cool – Carl Schenkel [as Carlo Ombra], West Germany, 1979


Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein – Jesús Franco, Spain/France, 1972

Dracula vs. Frankenstein – Al Adamson, USA, 1971

Dracula vs. Frankenstein Al Adamson 1971

Dracula 2000 – Patrick Lussier, USA, 2000

Dracula 3000: Infinite Darkness – Darrell James Roodt, Germany/South Africa


Dreamaniac – David DeCoteau, USA, 1986


Dungeons of Harrow aka Dungeons of Horror – Pat Boyette, USA, 1962

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6 Comments on “Worst Horror”

  1. Why is The Screaming Skull filmed so dreadfully out of focus? That lovely woman had a marvelous body and the poor focus really ruined the majority of the fabulous nighty and dressing down for the night shots. What a bod!! Why would the hubby want to get rid of her -I don’t get it?

  2. This is a good comprehensive list, but ‘Bloodbath At The House Of Death”, ‘The Monster Club”, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Born(The Monster)” are classics, but I would have included ‘Surf Nazi’s Must Die”, ‘Toxic Avenger III & IV”, ‘Night Train To Terror”, (anthology), ‘Frostbiter:Wrath Of The Wendigo”, ‘Don’t Panic!”, ‘Monster Dog”, ‘Halloween 4, 5,6 & Resurrection” , ‘The Clown”, ‘The Children Of Ravensgate”, ‘Omen IV- The Awakening”, ‘Grave Of The Vampire”, ‘The Stuff”, ‘Street Trash”, ‘Puppetmaster IV” and the film’s beyond, ‘Phantasm IV-Oblivion”, ‘Raiders Of The Living Dead”, the re-makes’ of ‘Prom Night”, ‘April Fool’s Day”, ‘Day Of The Dead”, ‘Dawn Of The Dead”, ‘Day Of The Dead 2-Contagium”, ‘Bodymelt”, ‘Beyond Re-animator”, ‘Creepshow 3″, ‘Redkneck Zombies”, ‘Chopper Chick’s In Zombie Town” & the sequal, ‘Graveyard Shift and the sequal-‘The Understudy”, the re-makes’ of ‘Psycho”, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street”, ‘Texas Chainsaw”, ‘Video Dead”, ‘Species III”, ‘TerrorVision”, ‘Hellraiser-Inferno, Hellseeker”, ‘Hellworld” and all the sequal’s since, ‘Night Of The Demon’s 2-Angela’s Revenge”, the remake of ‘Night Of The Demons”, ‘Demons 3-The Ogre”, ‘Edge Of Sanity”, ‘Warlock 2 & 3″, ‘Dark Dealer”, ‘Human Centipede 1 & 2″, ‘Galaxy Of Terror”, ‘The Last Cannibal World”, ‘The Runestone”, ‘The Curse”, ‘Gothika”, ‘Wishmaster 3 & 4″, ‘Seed Of Chucky”, ‘Quicksilver Highway”, ‘House IV”.

  3. I could scroll through this over and over and over. The images alone are entertaining. “Bloodbath at the House of Death’s” movie poster might be my favorite.

    We just got a DVD compilation the other day that had “Deathrow Gameshow” and it should be on here, however, it’s also so damn entertaining I don’t think you can do it. Take a look at it when you have time. It’s fantastic.

    Thanks for this.

    1. Hi again,
      Forgot another title of the worst Horror of all time, the re-make of ‘It’s Alive”, I would say any sequal’s after the original ‘Return Of The Living Dead”, lastly ‘Candyman III”.

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