Worst Horror

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Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre aka Jersey Shore Lingerie Party Massacre – Tim Beckley, USA, 2000


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Santo and Blue Demon vs. the Monsters – Gilberto Martínez Solares, Mexico, 1970


Santo vs. the She-Wolves – Jaime Jiménez Pons, Rubén Galindo, Mexico, 1976

Satan Claus – Massimiliano Cerchi, USA, 1996

Satan Claus (Massimiliano Cerchi, EEUU, 1996) - still009

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Satan’s Children – Joe Wiezycki, USA, 1975

Satan, Hold My Hand – Courtney Fathom Sell, USA, 2013

Satanwar – Bart LaRue, USA, 1979

Saturday the 14th Strikes Back – Howard R. Cohen, USA, 1988


Scarecrow Gone Wild – Brian Katkin, USA, 2004


Scissors – Frank De Felitta, USA, 1991

Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster – Brian Levant, USA, 2010

scooby-doo curse of the lake monster

Scream Baby Scream – Joseph Adler, USA, 1969


Scream Dream – Donald Farmer, USA, 1989


The Sea Serpent – Amando de Ossorio, Spain, 1984

Seed – Uwe Boll, Canada, 2006

Severed – Matt Green, USA, 2002

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Severed Ties – Damon Santostefano, USA, 1992

Shadows Run Black – Howard Heard, USA, 1984

Shark Exorcist – Donald Farmer, USA, 2015

Shark in Venice – Danny Lerner, USA, 2008


The Ship of Monsters – Rogelio A. González, Mexico, 1960

ship of monsters more monsters

Shock ‘Em Dead – Mark Freed, USA, 1990


Shower of Blood – Tiffany Kilbourne, USA, 2004



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Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th
– John Blanchard, USA, 2000


Shriek of the Mutilated – Michael Findlay, USA, 1974

Skeleton Key – John Johnson, USA, 2006

Watch trailer

Skeleton Key 2: 667 The Neighbor of the Beast – John Johnson, USA, 2008

Skin Eating Jungle Vampires – Mr. Creepo, USA, 2001


Skinned Alive – Jon Killough, USA, 1989


Slash Dance – James Shyman, 1989


The Slaughterhouse Massacre – Paul Gagné, USA, 2005

Marty Sickle was accused of murdering a young girl inside the slaughterhouse where he lived. Soon after, four college kids brutally hung Marty in revenge…

Sledgehammer – David A. Prior, USA, 1983

Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor – Jim Markovic, 2012

Sleepwalkers – Mick Garris, USA, 1992


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Slime City – Greg Lamberson, USA, 1988

The Slime People – Robert Hutton, USA, 1963


Son of Dracula – Freddie Francis, UK, 1973


Sorority Babes in the Dance-A-Thon of Death – Todd Sheets, USA, 1991


Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell – John McBrearty, USA, 1990



Sorority House Vampires – USA, 1998

Soultaker – Michael Rissi, USA, 1990

Space Zombie Bingo! – George Ormrod, USA, 1993

Spawn – Mark A.Z. Dippé, USA, 1997

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Spirit in the Woods – Anthony Daniel, USA, 2014


Splatter University – Richard W. Haines, USA, 1982

The Stay Awake – South Africa, 1987

Sting of Death – William Grefé, USA, 1966

sting 2

Stragglers – Dave R. Watkins, USA, 2004

Strippers vs. Werewolves – Jonathan Glendening, UK, 2012


Student Bodies – Michael Ritchie, Mickey Rose, USA 1981

student bodies 2

Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat – Anthony Hickox, USA, 1989


Surgikill – Andy Milligan, USA, 1989

Svart Död – Daniel Lehmussaari, Sweden, 2011

The Swarm – Irwin Allen, USA, 1978

Swarm 1

The Sweet House of Horrors – Lucio Fulci, Italy, 1989

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7 Comments on “Worst Horror”

  1. The remake of Halloween, Amityville 3-D, Doom Asylum, Troll 2, Xtro 2, Howling III, Goulies IV, but I’ve changed my mind about Frostbiter and Night Train To Terror though, having watched them again, but Deadtime Stories, Graveyard Tales are pretty bad though and The Neon Demon, but I wouldn’t say that Neon Maniacs is a bad film, terrible film’s would be Maniac, 1980, Don’t Go In The Woods, The Village, Trogg, Creepozoids, Braindead, Return Of The Living Dead-Rave From The Grave, The Incredible Melting Man, Ibiza Of The Living Dead, Poltergeist III and the remake of the original, The Clown, Hellraiser after the first four, Headhunter, Toxic Zombies, Night Of The Zombies, Oasis Of The Zombies, Burial Ground, The Child, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, the remake of Carnival Of Souls, Knight riders, Demonic Toys 2, the Puppet Master film’s after the first three, the Pumpkinhead film’s after the original, any sequel to The Lost Boy’s, any remake of An American Werewolf In London, you can’t fix what was never broken, Silent Night, Deadly Night 5, Slaughter High, Rest In Pieces, Frozen Scream, Unhinged, 1980, dreadful……like The Supernaturals…..Redneck Zombies, The Old Witch Who Came Up From The Sea, Chillerama…..

  2. Why is The Screaming Skull filmed so dreadfully out of focus? That lovely woman had a marvelous body and the poor focus really ruined the majority of the fabulous nighty and dressing down for the night shots. What a bod!! Why would the hubby want to get rid of her -I don’t get it?

  3. This is a good comprehensive list, but ‘Bloodbath At The House Of Death”, ‘The Monster Club”, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Born(The Monster)” are classics, but I would have included ‘Surf Nazi’s Must Die”, ‘Toxic Avenger III & IV”, ‘Night Train To Terror”, (anthology), ‘Frostbiter:Wrath Of The Wendigo”, ‘Don’t Panic!”, ‘Monster Dog”, ‘Halloween 4, 5,6 & Resurrection” , ‘The Clown”, ‘The Children Of Ravensgate”, ‘Omen IV- The Awakening”, ‘Grave Of The Vampire”, ‘The Stuff”, ‘Street Trash”, ‘Puppetmaster IV” and the film’s beyond, ‘Phantasm IV-Oblivion”, ‘Raiders Of The Living Dead”, the re-makes’ of ‘Prom Night”, ‘April Fool’s Day”, ‘Day Of The Dead”, ‘Dawn Of The Dead”, ‘Day Of The Dead 2-Contagium”, ‘Bodymelt”, ‘Beyond Re-animator”, ‘Creepshow 3″, ‘Redkneck Zombies”, ‘Chopper Chick’s In Zombie Town” & the sequal, ‘Graveyard Shift and the sequal-‘The Understudy”, the re-makes’ of ‘Psycho”, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street”, ‘Texas Chainsaw”, ‘Video Dead”, ‘Species III”, ‘TerrorVision”, ‘Hellraiser-Inferno, Hellseeker”, ‘Hellworld” and all the sequal’s since, ‘Night Of The Demon’s 2-Angela’s Revenge”, the remake of ‘Night Of The Demons”, ‘Demons 3-The Ogre”, ‘Edge Of Sanity”, ‘Warlock 2 & 3″, ‘Dark Dealer”, ‘Human Centipede 1 & 2″, ‘Galaxy Of Terror”, ‘The Last Cannibal World”, ‘The Runestone”, ‘The Curse”, ‘Gothika”, ‘Wishmaster 3 & 4″, ‘Seed Of Chucky”, ‘Quicksilver Highway”, ‘House IV”.

  4. I could scroll through this over and over and over. The images alone are entertaining. “Bloodbath at the House of Death’s” movie poster might be my favorite.

    We just got a DVD compilation the other day that had “Deathrow Gameshow” and it should be on here, however, it’s also so damn entertaining I don’t think you can do it. Take a look at it when you have time. It’s fantastic.

    Thanks for this.

    1. Hi again,
      Forgot another title of the worst Horror of all time, the re-make of ‘It’s Alive”, I would say any sequal’s after the original ‘Return Of The Living Dead”, lastly ‘Candyman III”.

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