Worst Horror

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The Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire – Ray Dennis Steckler, USA, 1971


The Maize: The Movie aka Dark Harvest 2: The Maize – Bill Cowell, USA, 2004

Mama Dracula – Belgium, 1979

Man Beast – Jerry Warren, USA, 1956

Maniac aka Sex Maniac – Dwain Esper, USA, 1934

maniac 1934 dwain esper exploitation

Manos: The Hands of Fate – Harold P. Warren, USA, 1966



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The Manster aka The Split – George P. BreakstonKenneth G. Crane, USA/Japan, 1959


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Mardi Gras Massacre – Jack Weis, USA, 1978


Mark of the Astro-Zombies – Ted V. Mikels, USA, 2004


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Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary – Juan López Moctezuma, Mexico/USA, 1974

Mary Mary Bloody Mary John Carradine

Massage Parlor of Death – Richard Mogg, USA, 2015

Maximum Overdrive – Stephen King, USA, 1986


Massacre – Andrea Bianchi, Italy, 1989

Meat Cleaver Massacre – USA, 1976


Meat for Satan’s Icebox – David Silvio, USA, 2004

Meet the FeeblesPeter Jackson, New Zealand, 1989


Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus – Jack Perez, USA, 2009


Mesa of Lost Women – Ron Ormond, Herbert Tevos, USA, 1953

Tandra Quinn Mesa of Lost Women

Midget Zombie Takeover – Glenn Berggoetz, USA, 2013


Midnight 2: Sex, Death & Videotape – John Russo, USA, 1993

The Mighty Gorga – David L. Hewitt, USA, 1969


The Mighty Peking Man – Ho Meng-Hua, Hong Kong, 1977

Missile to the Moon – Richard E. Cunha, USA, 1958


Mr. Jingles – Tommy Brunswick, 2006

Mr. jingles DVD

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Mohini – Ramana Madhesh, India, 2018

Monster a Go-Go – Herschell Gordon LewisBill Rebane, USA, 1965

monster a go-go synergy

The Monster and the Stripper aka The Exotic Ones – Ron Ormond, USA, 1968

Monster from Green Hell – Kenneth G. Crane, USA, 1957


Monster from the Ocean Floor – Wyott Ordung, USA, 1954

monster from the ocean floor 1954 roger corman poster

The Monster of Camp Sunshine – Ferenc Leroget, USA, 1964

Monsters Crash the Pyjama Party – David L. Hewitt, USA, 1965


Monstroid – Kenneth Hartford, Herbert L. Strock, USA, 1980

Monstrosity aka The Atomic Monster – Joseph V. Mascelli, USA, 1963

Monsturd – Rick Popko, Dan West, USA, 2003



Muck – Steve Wolsh, USA, 2014


The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackal – Oliver Drake, USA, 1969


Mummy Maniac – Max Nikoff, USA, 2007

Mummy RebornDan Allen, UK, 2018

The Mummy’s Dungeon – G.W. Lawrence, USA, 1993

Munchies – Tina Hirsch, USA, 1987


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Murderous Passions Delirious Cinema of Jesus Franco

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Mutant Massacre 2 – Carl J. Sukenick, USA, 1991


Mutator – John R. Bowey, USA, 1989

Mutilations – Lawrence Thomas, USA, 1986

My Mom’s a Werewolf – Michael Fischa, USA, 1988

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7 Comments on “Worst Horror”

  1. The remake of Halloween, Amityville 3-D, Doom Asylum, Troll 2, Xtro 2, Howling III, Goulies IV, but I’ve changed my mind about Frostbiter and Night Train To Terror though, having watched them again, but Deadtime Stories, Graveyard Tales are pretty bad though and The Neon Demon, but I wouldn’t say that Neon Maniacs is a bad film, terrible film’s would be Maniac, 1980, Don’t Go In The Woods, The Village, Trogg, Creepozoids, Braindead, Return Of The Living Dead-Rave From The Grave, The Incredible Melting Man, Ibiza Of The Living Dead, Poltergeist III and the remake of the original, The Clown, Hellraiser after the first four, Headhunter, Toxic Zombies, Night Of The Zombies, Oasis Of The Zombies, Burial Ground, The Child, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, the remake of Carnival Of Souls, Knight riders, Demonic Toys 2, the Puppet Master film’s after the first three, the Pumpkinhead film’s after the original, any sequel to The Lost Boy’s, any remake of An American Werewolf In London, you can’t fix what was never broken, Silent Night, Deadly Night 5, Slaughter High, Rest In Pieces, Frozen Scream, Unhinged, 1980, dreadful……like The Supernaturals…..Redneck Zombies, The Old Witch Who Came Up From The Sea, Chillerama…..

  2. Why is The Screaming Skull filmed so dreadfully out of focus? That lovely woman had a marvelous body and the poor focus really ruined the majority of the fabulous nighty and dressing down for the night shots. What a bod!! Why would the hubby want to get rid of her -I don’t get it?

  3. This is a good comprehensive list, but ‘Bloodbath At The House Of Death”, ‘The Monster Club”, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Born(The Monster)” are classics, but I would have included ‘Surf Nazi’s Must Die”, ‘Toxic Avenger III & IV”, ‘Night Train To Terror”, (anthology), ‘Frostbiter:Wrath Of The Wendigo”, ‘Don’t Panic!”, ‘Monster Dog”, ‘Halloween 4, 5,6 & Resurrection” , ‘The Clown”, ‘The Children Of Ravensgate”, ‘Omen IV- The Awakening”, ‘Grave Of The Vampire”, ‘The Stuff”, ‘Street Trash”, ‘Puppetmaster IV” and the film’s beyond, ‘Phantasm IV-Oblivion”, ‘Raiders Of The Living Dead”, the re-makes’ of ‘Prom Night”, ‘April Fool’s Day”, ‘Day Of The Dead”, ‘Dawn Of The Dead”, ‘Day Of The Dead 2-Contagium”, ‘Bodymelt”, ‘Beyond Re-animator”, ‘Creepshow 3″, ‘Redkneck Zombies”, ‘Chopper Chick’s In Zombie Town” & the sequal, ‘Graveyard Shift and the sequal-‘The Understudy”, the re-makes’ of ‘Psycho”, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street”, ‘Texas Chainsaw”, ‘Video Dead”, ‘Species III”, ‘TerrorVision”, ‘Hellraiser-Inferno, Hellseeker”, ‘Hellworld” and all the sequal’s since, ‘Night Of The Demon’s 2-Angela’s Revenge”, the remake of ‘Night Of The Demons”, ‘Demons 3-The Ogre”, ‘Edge Of Sanity”, ‘Warlock 2 & 3″, ‘Dark Dealer”, ‘Human Centipede 1 & 2″, ‘Galaxy Of Terror”, ‘The Last Cannibal World”, ‘The Runestone”, ‘The Curse”, ‘Gothika”, ‘Wishmaster 3 & 4″, ‘Seed Of Chucky”, ‘Quicksilver Highway”, ‘House IV”.

  4. I could scroll through this over and over and over. The images alone are entertaining. “Bloodbath at the House of Death’s” movie poster might be my favorite.

    We just got a DVD compilation the other day that had “Deathrow Gameshow” and it should be on here, however, it’s also so damn entertaining I don’t think you can do it. Take a look at it when you have time. It’s fantastic.

    Thanks for this.

    1. Hi again,
      Forgot another title of the worst Horror of all time, the re-make of ‘It’s Alive”, I would say any sequal’s after the original ‘Return Of The Living Dead”, lastly ‘Candyman III”.

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