Trailer Trauma

Almost everyone loves watching film trailers, whether they are for new or old movies. So, here’s a new Horrorpedia page that celebrates this unique combination of artistic exuberance and the hard sell.

Leprechaun 3 – Brian Trenchard-Smith, USA, 1995

Vampire Cleanup Department –  Sin-Hang Chiu and Pak-Wing Yan, Hong Kong, 2017

Wait Till Helen Comes – Dominic James, Canada, 2016

Once Bitten – Howard Storm, USA, 1985

Nazi Vengeance aka Backtrack: Nazi Regression – Tom Sands, UK-Ireland, 2014

Cryptic Plasm – Brian Paulin, 2015, USA

Let’s Talk About “It” – Kshitij Sharma, India, 2017

The Basement – Vozo Zoltán Végh and László Illés, Hungary-US-UK

The Other Hell – Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1980

Dollface – Tommy Faircloth, USA, 2014

Thanatorphose -Eric Falardeau, Canada, 2012

Elder Island – Darrin James, USA, 2016

Wacko – Greydon Clark, USA, 1981

Night Angel – Dominique Othenin-Girard, USA, 1989

Cannibal Ferox – Umberto Lenzi, Italy, 1981

Ascent to Hell – Dena Hysell, USA, 2014

Tokyo Ghoul – Kentarō Hagiwara, Japan, 2017

Trailer coming soon…

Dear, Don’t Be Afraid – Yu Dange and Cao Anjun, China, 2015

Frankenstein Conquers the World – Ishirō Honda, Japan-USA, 1965

Johnny Gruesome – Greg Lamberson, USA, 2017

Trailer coming soon…

Freak Out – Boaz Armoni, Israel, 2015

The Forest of the Lost Souls – José Pedro Lopes, Portugal-United Arab Emirates, 2017

Quarries – Nils Taylor, USA, 2016

An American Terror – Haylar Garcia, USA, 2014

The Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll – Carlos Aured, 1973, Spain

Psychos – Sandy Chukhadarian, USA, 2015

Meet the Hollowheads – Tom Burman, USA, 1989

The Night Digger – Alistair Reid, UK, 1971

American Mummy – Charles Pinion, USA, 2015

The Witches Mountain – Raúl Artigot, Spain, 1972

Attacked on Set – Tom Novell, USA, 2012

The Night Shift – Massimiliano Cerchi, USA, 2016

Trailer coming soon…

Pulse – Paul Golding, USA, 1988

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