Overtime – Australia, 2016

‘Working late is a killer!’ Overtime is a 2016 Australian comedy horror short film directed by Craig D. Foster from a screenplay co-written with Emma McKenna. The Metro Screen production stars Aaron Glenane, Ainslie Clouston, Arka Das and Adam Dunn. Office worker Ralph… Read More ›

Good Manners – Brazil, 2017

Good Manners – original title: As Boas Maneiras – is a 2017 Brazilian supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Marco Dutra and Juliana Rojas. The movie stars Isabél Zuaa, Marjorie Estiano, Miguel Lobo, Cida Moreira, Andréa Marquee and Felipe Kenji. Clara,… Read More ›

Betsy – USA, 2017

‘A new shape of an old tail’ Betsy is a 2017 werewolf-themed supernatural horror film written and directed by Shawn Burkett (Don’t F*ck in the Woods and sequel; Watch This; Theatre of the Deranged II segment ‘Panty Raid’). It stars Marylee Osborne, Kelci… Read More ›

Wolves – Canada, 2014

‘Unleash the beast’ Wolves is a 2014 Canadian horror film written and directed by David Hayter (writer of X-Men; X-Men 2; Watchmen). Steven Hoban (Haunter; Splice; Ginger Snaps franchise) produced. It stars Jason Momoa, Lucas Till and Merritt Patterson. The coming-of-age story of Cayden Richards:… Read More ›

Slice – USA, 2018

Slice is a 2018 American comedy horror film directed by Austin Vesely. It stars Chance the Rapper [Chancelor Bennett], Joe Keery and Zazie Beetz. Dax Lycander (Chance the Rapper), an ex-Chinese food delivery driver, also happens to be a werewolf. When a… Read More ›

Blood Redd – USA, 2015

‘Unleash the beast’ Blood Redd is a 2015 supernatural horror written and directed by Brad Palmer [as Bradley A. Palmer] (short: Sawbones; writer of Gehenna: Where Death Lives). It stars Stephanie Hullar, Torey Widener and Julie Marie Hassett. Mortimer Clark, a forensic pathologist finds… Read More ›

Valley of Shadows – Norway, 2017

Valley of Shadows is a 2017 Norwegian fantasy horror film directed by Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen from a screenplay co-written with Clement Tuffreau. It stars Adam Ekeli and Kathrine Fagerland. A young boy, Aslak (Adam Ekeli), struggling to connect with his mother (Kathrine Fagerland),… Read More ›

Fang – USA, 2018

‘Meet the family’ Fang is a 2018 American horror feature film written and directed by Adam R. Steigert (A Grim Becoming; Ombis: Alien Invasion; Gore); it stars Melantha Blackthorne, Gregory Blair and Darren Barcomb. After participating in a robbery turned murder, Chloe (Melodie… Read More ›

Werewolf – USA, 1995

‘Rest in… beast.’ Werewolf – aka Arizona Werewolf – is a 1995 [released January 1996] American supernatural horror film produced and directed by Iranian-born Tony Zarrindast (Red Room; Cat in the Cage) from a screenplay co-written with Brad Hornacher. Archaeologists working in Arizona find a werewolf… Read More ›

Bonehill Road – USA, 2017

‘Stranded… but not alone.’ Bonehill Road is a 2017 American horror feature film written, edited and directed by Todd Sheets (House of Forbidden Secrets; Zombie Bloodbath and sequels; Bloodthirsty Cannibal Demons). Produced by Amanda Payton, Bonehill Road stars Linnea Quigley, Gary Warner Kent,… Read More ›

Lycan – USA, 2017

‘The beast has a name’ Lycan is a 2017 American horror film directed by Bev Land, making his feature debut, from a screenplay co-written with Michael Mordler. It was formerly known as Talbot County. When six college kids in a sleepy Southern town… Read More ›

Night Shadow – USA, 1989

‘Where evil lurks…’ Night Shadow is a 1989 American werewolf horror film written and directed by Randolph Cohlan (his sole directorial credit). The creature was designed by Mark Crowe based on his story concept. The original title was Night Drop and it… Read More ›

Wolfman – USA, 1979

  ‘When the full moon rises’ Wolfman is a 1979 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Worth Keeter (Rottweiler: The Dogs of Hell); Tales of the Third Dimension). Aka Wolfman – A Lycanthrope The movie stars Earl Owensby, Kristina… Read More ›

She Wolf Rising – USA, 2016

‘Lights. Camera. Blood. Oh my.’ She Wolf Rising is a 2016 American werewolf-themed supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Marc Leland. The movie stars Tiffany Shepis (Model Hunger; Axeman), Debbie Rochon (Varsity Blood; Clinger), Timothy Mandala, Ruby Larocca (ZombieChrist; Porkchop; Slaughter Daughter),… Read More ›

Monsterwolf – USA, 2010

‘Pray he’s not hungry’ Monsterwolf, also known as Monster Wolf, is a 2010 American Syfy television supernatural horror film directed by Todor Chapkanov (Copperhead; Ghost Town; True Bloodthirst; Asylum) from a screenplay by Charles Bolon (Swamp Shark). Busy actor Griff Furst is… Read More ›

Crying Wolf – UK, 2015

‘Hungry, hairy, and ready to hunt you down’ Crying Wolf– aka Cry Wolf – is a 2015 British comedy horror film directed by Tony Jopia (Zombie Harvest; DeadTime; Cute Little Buggers) from a screenplay co-written with Andy Davie and Michael Dale. Buy: Amazon.co.uk… Read More ›

Silverhide – UK, 2015

‘The ultimate predator!’ Silverhide is a 2015 British horror film written and directed by Keith R. Robinson. The movie stars Lucy Clarvis, Kelly Wines, John Hoye, Jordan Murphy, Phil Stone, Sean Hayes, and Matt Brewer. Buy on DVD | Instant Video from Amazon.co.uk A… Read More ›

Blood Moon – UK, 2014

‘When it’s red, you’re dead’ Blood Moon is a 2014 British horror film directed by James Wooding (comedy TV series Peep Show) from a screenplay by Alan Wightman. It stars George Blagden, Tom Cotcher and Barrington De La Roche (Escape from Cannibal Farm)…. Read More ›

Wer – USA, 2013

Wer – also known as Kurt – is a 2013 American horror film directed by William Brent Bell (The Boy: The Devil Inside; Stay Alive) from a screenplay co-written with Matthew Peterman. The movie stars A.J. Cook (Wishmaster 3; Ripper; Final Destination 2), Brian Scott O’Connor, Simon… Read More ›

Wolf – USA, 1994

‘The animal is out.’ Wolf is a 1994 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Mike Nichols (The Graduate) and written by Jim Harrison, Wesley Strick, and an uncredited Elaine May, with music by Ennio Morricone and cinematography by Giuseppe… Read More ›

Hemlock Grove – TV series

Hemlock Grove is an American horror television series produced by Netflix. The show is executive produced by Eli Roth (Cabin Fever; Hostel; The Green Inferno), developed by Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman. It is based on McGreevy’s novel Hemlock Grove (2012). The show premiered… Read More ›

Howl – UK, 2015

‘Last train. Full moon. All change.’ Howl is a 2015 British supernatural horror feature film directed by Paul Hyett (The Descent [special effects]; The Seasoning House) from a screenplay by Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler (Don’t Knock Twice).  The Starchild Pictures production stars Sean Pertwee… Read More ›