Vinegar Syndrome

Lurkers – USA, 1987

‘Cathy’s not scared. She should be… she’s one of THEM!’ Lurkers is a 1987 [1988 release] American horror film photographed, co-edited and directed by Roberta Findlay (Prime Evil; Blood Sisters; The Oracle; Snuff) from a screenplay by Ed Kelleher (Shriek of the… Read More ›

Slaughterhouse – USA, 1987

‘Buddy has an axe to grind. A big axe.’ Slaughterhouse – aka Bacon Bits and Pig Farm Massacre – is a 1987 American comedy horror film written and directed by Rick Roessler. The movie stars Joe B. Barton, Don Barrett (Hobgoblins), Sherry Leigh (Demon Wind), Bill Brinsfield… Read More ›