Vinegar Syndrome

Lurkers – USA, 1987

‘Cathy’s not scared. She should be… she’s one of THEM!’ Lurkers is a 1987 [1988 release] American horror film photographed, co-edited and directed by Roberta Findlay (Prime Evil; Blood Sisters; The Oracle; Snuff) from a screenplay by Ed Kelleher (Shriek of the… Read More ›

Hobgoblins – USA, 1988

Hobgoblins is a 1988 American comedy horror film directed by directed, written, and produced by Rick Sloane, who also served as cinematographer and editor. Kenneth J. Hall (director of The Halfway House and Evil Spawn) fabricated the hobgoblins. The plot concerns small, hobgoblins (demon like mythical creatures)… Read More ›

Evils of the Night – USA, 1985

‘Alien vampires in search of teenage blood!’ Evils of the Night is a 1985 American science fiction horror exploitation film directed by Mardi Rustam from a screenplay co-written with Philip Dennis Connors. Previously, Rustam had written and produced Psychic Killer (1976) and… Read More ›

Dracula Sucks – USA, 1978

Dracula Sucks – also released as Lust at First Bite and This Vampire Sucks – is a 1978 American adult horror movie directed by Phillip Marshak from a screenplay by Daryl Marshak (Cataclysm) and David Kern, very loosely based on Bram Stoker‘s Dracula…. Read More ›