Black Ghosts – Sweden, 2015

‘She has summoned them’ Black Ghosts – original title: Trans Somnium – is a 2015 Swedish horror film written and directed by Andreas Marawell. It stars Sandra Karinsdotter and Kaarina Lindblom. In an attempt to reunite with her dead girlfriend, Maya evokes dark… Read More ›

Feed the Light (Sweden, 2014)

‘Protect your eyes… it gets inside your head’ Feed the Light – original title: Lokalvårdaren [“Local Nurse”] – is a 2014 Swedish avant-garde horror film co-written, produced and directed by Henrik Möller. It stars Lina Sundén, Martin Jirhamn and Jenny Lampa. It features a… Read More ›

Insane (Sweden, 2010)

‘Pay to check in – Pray to check out‘ Insane is a 2010 Swedish horror thriller directed by Anders Jacobsson and Tomas Sandquist from a screenplay co-written with Nathan Berry, Mikael Fuchs, based on a storyline by Henrik Koelman. It stars Lars Bethke, Alida… Read More ›

In Search of Dracula

‘Believe the Unbelievable!’ In Search of Dracula – original title Vem Var Dracula? – is a 1971 Swedish documentary film produced and directed by Calvin Floyd (The Sleep of Death; Terror of Frankenstein) based on a script by Yvonne Floyd. The… Read More ›

Cannibal Fog – Sweden, 2015

‘First bite gives you focus, third bite gives you pleasure, fifth bite – Cannibal Fog.’ Cannibal Fog is a 2015 Swedish comedy horror film directed by Jonas Wolcher and starring Malte Aronsson, Linus Karlgren, Kim Sonderholm and Vargman Bjarsborn. Plot: Michael… Read More ›


‘Every apartment has a past…’ Sensoria is a 2015 Swedish horror thriller produced and directed by Christian Hallman from a screenplay he co-wrote with Måns F.G. Thunberg. NSFW trailer: The film, which has been part-financed by a Kickstarter campaign, will most probably be shown… Read More ›