Rupert Evans

Tank 432 – UK, 2015

‘There’s no turning back.’ Tank 432 is a 2015 British action horror thriller film written and directed by Nick Gillespie (The Shadow Seamstress; second unit work and additional photography on The Ghoul; A Field In England; Sightseers; Doctor Who; Kill List and High-Rise)…. Read More ›

The Boy – USA, 2015

‘Every child needs to feel loved’ The Boy is a 2015 American horror-thriller film directed by William Brent Bell (The Devil Inside; Wer) from a screenplay by Stacey Menear. It stars Lauren Cohan, Jim Norton and Diana Hardcastle. Greta, a young American woman, takes a job as… Read More ›

The Canal – Ireland, 2014

The Canal is a 2014 Irish supernatural horror film written and directed by Ivan Kavanagh. It stars Rupert Evans, Hannah Hoekstra, Carl Shaaban, Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Steve Oram. The film’s score was provided by Ceiri Torjussen (Dracula III: Legacy; Underworld: Evolution; Big Ass Spider). Film… Read More ›

Elfie Hopkins – UK, 2012

‘Who are the neighbours having for dinner?’ Elfie Hopkins – aka Elfie Hopkins: Cannibal Hunter – is a 2012 British comedy horror film directed by Ryan Andrews from a script co-written with Riyad Barmania. It stars Jaime Winstone, Ray Winstone, Steven Mackintosh,… Read More ›