Ray Milland

The Attic – USA, 1980

  ’13 steps to terror’ The Attic is a 1980 American horror drama film directed by George Edwards (producer of Frogs; How Awful About Allan; Queen of Blood) and [uncredited] cinematographer Gary Graver from a screenplay co-written with Tony Crechales and Mel… Read More ›

The Dead Don’t Die – USA, 1975

The Dead Don’t Die is a 1975 made-for-television neo-noir American horror film set in the 1930s directed by Curtis Harrington (Night Tide; Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?; The Killer Bees) from a screenplay by Robert Bloch (based upon Bloch’s story of the same name that first appeared in Fantastic Adventures,… Read More ›

The Uninvited – USA, 1944

The Uninvited is a 1944 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Lewis Allen. It is based on the Dorothy Macardle novel Uneasy Freehold and stars Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey and Donald Crisp. It also marked Gail Russell’s rise as a star. Seeking respite… Read More ›

Frogs – USA, 1972

‘A tidal wave of slithering, slimy horror devouring, destroying all in its path!’ Frogs is a 1972 American ecological horror film directed by George McCowan from a screenplay by Robert Hutchison and Robert Blees. The soundtrack score was provided by Les Baxter. The film falls… Read More ›

The Thing with Two Heads – USA, 1972

The Thing with Two Heads is a 1972 film, starring Rosey Grier, Ray Milland and Don Marshall directed by Lee Frost, and written by Wes Bishop. Frost and Bishop also had minor roles. Some early visual effects work from Rick Baker is also featured. Milland plays Dr. Maxwell Kirshner, a… Read More ›