Fear Clinic – USA, 2014

‘Face your fears’ Fear Clinic is a 2014 feature film by Robert Green Hall (Nail Gun Massacre, 2018; Laid to Rest and sequel), based upon the web series of the same name. The movie, which was partially funded through crowdsourcing, stars Robert Englund as a psychiatrist… Read More ›


Gothika is a 2003 supernatural horror film directed by Mathieu Kassovitz from a screenplay by Sebastian Gutierrez for Dark Castle Entertainment productions. Halle Berry plays a psychiatrist in a women’s mental hospital who wakes up one day to find herself on the other side of the bars, accused of having murdered her husband. Plot:… Read More ›

Dressed to Kill (USA, 1980)

Dressed to Kill is a 1980 horror thriller film written and directed by Brian De Palma  (Phantom of the Paradise, Carrie, The Fury). It focuses on the murder of a housewife and an investigation involving a young prostitute who witnessed the murder, the victim’s teenaged son and her psychiatrist. The original music… Read More ›