Nocturne – USA, 2016

‘Hell hath no fury like a demon scorned’ Nocturne is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by Stephen Shimek (Dudes & Dragons; The Maze; Dragon Hunter) from a screenplay co-written with Katy Baldwin and Kristi Shimek. Clare Niederpruem, Darien Willardson… Read More ›

Cutter (2017)

‘Some scars never heal’ Cutter is a 2017 British horror film directed by Aubrey Reynolds (short: Leashed) from a screenplay by Monte M. Moore (End of the Road). It is being produced by Olga Barr and Svetlana Barr (The Old Hag Syndrome)… Read More ›

FRAMED – Spain, 2016

FRAMED is a 2016 Spanish horror film directed by Marc Martínez Jordán from a screenplay co-written with Jaume Cuspinera. It was executive/line produced by Marc Carreté (After the Lethargy; Asmodexia) for his new Creatures of the Dark genre project. The film stars Àlex… Read More ›

The 6th Friend – USA, 2016

‘The past will haunt you.’ The 6th Friend is a 2016 American supernatural slasher horror film directed by Letia Clouston [as Letia Miller] (short: The Demon in the Dark) from a screenplay co-written with Jamie Bernadette (who also stars). Main cast: Jamie Bernadette (Face of… Read More ›