The Unholy (USA, 1988)

‘You haven’t got a prayer.’ The Unholy is a 1988 American supernatural horror film directed by Camilo Vila from a screenplay by Philip Yordan (Cataclysm) and Fernando Fonseca. It stars Ben Cross, Ned Beatty and features Trevor Howard in his final role. New Orleans: Having miraculously survived a fall from a… Read More ›

ARQ (Canada/USA, 2016)

ARQ is a 2016 American-Canadian science fiction thriller film written and directed by Tony Elliott. It stars Robbie Amell, Rachael Taylor and Shaun Benson. In a dystopian future, an engineer trapped in a house and surrounded by a mysterious gang of masked intruders… Read More ›

Tragedy Girls (USA, 2017)

‘Friends who slay together, stay together.’ Tragedy Girls is a 2017 comedy horror movie directed by Tyler MacIntyre from a screenplay co-written with Chris Lee Hill (they previously created Patchwork). It stars Alexandra Shipp, Brianna Hildebrand and Josh Hutcherson. Two death-obsessed teenage girls use their… Read More ›

Sequence Break (USA, 2016)

Sequence Break is a 2016 American romantic science fiction horror film written and directed by Graham Skipper (director of Space Clown; actor in The Mind’s Eye; Almost Human; et al). It stars Chase Williamson, Audrey Wasilewski and Fabianne Therese. A loner video arcade technician… Read More ›

The Hatred (USA, 2017)

The Hatred is a 2017 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Michael G. Kehoe (based on his 2015 short, Hush) and produced by Malek Akkad (Halloween franchise). It stars Sarah Davenport, Andrew Divoff and Darby Walker. Four young women travel to their college… Read More ›

Simple Creature (USA, 2016)

‘Being human is a temporary condition’ Simple Creature is a 2017 science fiction thriller written and directed by Andrew Finnigan. The Old Loyal Films production stars Russell Hodgkinson, Carollani Sandberg and D’Angelo Midili. A typical modern college student hurrying through life… Read More ›

Dead Shack (Canada, 2017)

‘Where are your kids?’ Dead Shack is a 2017 Canadian comedy horror film directed by Peter Ricq from a screenplay co-written with Phil Ivanusic and Davila LeBlanc. It stars Lauren Holly, Valerie Tian, Donavon Stinson and Lizzie Boys. On a weekend getaway at… Read More ›