Maggots – USA, 2017

‘It’s not a pretty sight!’ Maggots is a 2017 American science fiction comedy horror film directed by Bobby Bragg (Sasquatch Terror; Aliens on Crack) from a story co-written with Fred Olen Ray (Super Shark; Evil Toons; Scalps). The JOJO new Media… Read More ›

Night Shadow – USA, 1989

‘Where evil lurks…’ Night Shadow is a 1989 American werewolf horror film written and directed by Randolph Cohlan (his sole directorial credit). The creature was designed by Mark Crowe based on his story concept. The original title was Night Drop and it… Read More ›

Flesh Feast – USA, 1967

‘Living bodies used for the most vile experiment ever devised!’ Flesh Feast aka Time for Terror is a 1967 American horror feature film that features Veronica Lake in her final screen performance. Lake plays Dr. Elaine Frederick, a mad scientist working on developing maggots that prefer human flesh, while her… Read More ›