Jeffrey Reddick

Final Destination (2000)

‘I’ll see you soon’ Final Destination is a 2000 American supernatural horror film directed by James Wong (Final Destination 3; writer on American Horror Story; Rosemary’s Baby). The screenplay was written by James Wong, Glen Morgan (Black X-mas; Willard) and Jeffrey… Read More ›

Dead Awake (2016)

Dead Awake is a 2016 American horror film directed by Phillip Guzman (200 Hours) from a screenplay by Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination; Final Destination 2). It stars Jocelin Donahue, Jesse Bradford, Lori Petty, and Brea Grant. A young woman must save herself and… Read More ›

Tamara (USA, 2005)

‘Revenge has a killer body’ Tamara is a 2005 American horror film directed by Jeremy Haft from a screenplay by Jeffrey Reddick (Return to the Cabin by the Lake; Final Destination, Day of the Dead remake). It was given a brief theatrical run by… Read More ›

Day of the Dead (2008)

Day of the Dead is a 2008 horror film about a virus outbreak which causes people to turn into violent zombie-like creatures. A number of elements draw inspiration from George A. Romero‘s zombie film of the same name, the third in Romero’s Dead… Read More ›