Jaws-inspired magazines

In the wake of the phenomenal box office success of Jaws and Jaws 2 a worldwide fascination with sharks developed rapidly. Whilst Universal Pictures lawyers’ made sure that many cinematic Jaws pretenders – such as Italian copy Great White – were soon legally dead in the… Read More ›

The Shark is Still Working

The Shark is Still Working is a 2009 feature-length documentary film on the impact and legacy of the 1975 Steven Spielberg blockbuster film Jaws. It features interviews with a range of cast and crew from the film. It is narrated by Roy Scheider and dedicated to Peter Benchley. The… Read More ›

Dinoshark (USA, 2010)

Dinoshark is a 2010 low budget American horror film directed by Kevin O’Neill. It was produced by Roger Corman and Julie Corman. It stars Eric Balfour (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Backcountry; Little Dead Rotting Hood), Iva Hasperger and Aaron Diaz. A baby dinoshark swims… Read More ›