The Basement (Hungary/UK/USA, 2016)

‘Don’t go down there’ The Basement is a 2016 Hungarian-American-British supernatural horror film directed by Vozo Zoltán Végh and László Illés from a screenplay by Gera Laszlo Krisztian. It stars Caroline Boulton, Richard Rifkin and Marina Gera. A group of international students explore a… Read More ›

Strangled – Hungary, 2016

‘There are no serial killers in this country! Is that clear?’ Strangled – original title: A martfüi rém – is a Hungarian psycho thriller written and directed by Árpád Sopsits, who also stars, alongside Zsolt Anger and Rita Dévényi. It was produced by Gabor… Read More ›

Moth – UK/Hungary/USA, 2016

‘The truth is always scarier’ Moth is a 2016 British-Hungarian-American found footage horror film directed by Gergö Elekes, József Gallai (Bodom) from a screenplay by the latter. It is an international co-production by Elekes Pictures, Rovar Pictures and The Blood-Shed. Main cast:… Read More ›

Drakula halála (1921)

Drakula halála — translated as ‘Dracula’s Death’ or ‘The Death of Drakula’ — is a 1921 Hungarian horror movie written and directed by Károly Lajthay. Currently believed to be a lost, the film is notable because it marks the first screen appearance of the vampire Count Dracula, though… Read More ›