Camp Blood 666 (USA, 2016)

‘Beware… the clown strikes again!!!’ Camp Blood 666 is a 2016 American slasher horror film directed by Ted Moehring (Revenge of the Devil Bat; Invasion of the Reptoids; Bloodbath in the House of Knives) from a screenplay co-written with Monte Hunter (Nazi… Read More ›

The Vault (USA, 2017)

‘No one is safe’ The Vault is a 2017 supernatural horror thriller directed by Dan Bush (The Signal) from a screenplay co-written with Conal Byrne. It stars James Franco, Francesca Eastwood, Scott Haze and Taryn Manning. In order to save their brother Michael’s… Read More ›

Dementia 13 (USA, 2017)

Dementia 13 is a 2017 American horror film directed by Richard LeMay (The Dark Rite) from a screenplay by producer Dan DeFilippo (Chilling Visions: 5 States of Fear) and Justin Smith (Ominous; The Monkey’s Paw), based on Francis Ford Coppola’s 1963… Read More ›

Ghost Wars – TV series (USA, 2017)

Ghost Wars is an 2017 American paranormal horror television series created by Simon Barry for producer Nomadic Pictures (Van Helsing). David Von Ancken directed the pilot episode; other directors include Leslie Hope, Michael Nankin, Mathias Herdndl, Jason Priestley and the aforementioned Simon Barry. It stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Kim Coates and Avan… Read More ›

House of Dracula (USA, 1945)

House of Dracula is a 1945 American horror film released by Universal Pictures. It is a direct sequel to House of Frankenstein, and continued the theme of combining the studio’s three most popular monsters: Frankenstein’s monster (Glenn Strange), Count Dracula (John Carradine), and the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.). The… Read More ›