Herman Cohen

Berserk – UK, 1967

‘The motion picture that pits steel weapons against steel nerves!!!’ Berserk is a 1967 British horror thriller feature film starring Joan Crawford (Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?; Strait-Jacket) and Judy Geeson (Inseminoid; Goodbye Gemini) in a macabre mother-daughter tale about a circus… Read More ›

Black Zoo – USA, 1963

‘Fang and claw killers stalk the streets!’ Black Zoo is a 1963 American horror feature film directed by Robert Gordon (It Came from Beneath the Sea). It was produced and co-written by Herman Cohen (I Was a Teenage Werewolf; Trog; Craze) with Aben… Read More ›

Target Earth – USA, 1954

‘You’ll be paralysed with fear…’ Target Earth is a 1954 American science fiction feature film directed by Sherman A. Rose from a screenplay by Bill Raynor, AIP’s James Nicholson and Wyott Ordung (Monster from the Ocean Floor), based on the 1953 short story “Deadly… Read More ›

Konga – UK, 1961

‘Not since “King Kong” has the screen exploded with such mighty fury and spectacle!’ Konga is a 1961 British/American science fiction horror film directed by John Lemont from a screenplay by Herman Cohen and Aben Kandel. It stars Michael Gough, Margo… Read More ›

Horrors of the Black Museum – UK, 1959

Horrors of the Black Museum is a 1959 British horror film directed by Arthur Crabtree for American exploitation producer Herman Cohen (Konga; Trog; Craze), who concocted the lurid screenplay with Aben Kandel. It was the first film in what film critic David Pirie dubbed production company Anglo-Amalgamated‘s “Sadian trilogy”… Read More ›