Little Evil (USA, 2017)

  ‘Samantha is his dream. Lucas is his nightmare’ Little Evil is a 2017 American comedy horror film written and directed by Eli Craig. It stars Evangeline Lilly, Adam Scott and Owen Atlas. Gary (Adam Scott) marries Samantha (Evangeline Lilly), the woman… Read More ›

Scared Stiff (USA, 1953)

Scared Stiff is a 1953 American musical comedy film directed by George Marshall from a screenplay by Herbert Baker and Walter DeLeon (The Cat and the Canary), loosely based on the 1909 play The Ghost Breaker by Paul Dickey and Charles W. Goddard. It stars Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. The team’s… Read More ›

The Documentary (USA, 2014)

‘What’s your greatest fear?’ The Documentary is a 2014 American horror thriller written and directed by Walter Moise. It stars Tristin Rupp, Jake B. Miller and Aaron Bowden. Through a found footage aesthetic, the story follows Sandra Novak (Tristin Rupp) who has… Read More ›

Lyst (Norway, 2017)

Lyst is a 2017 Norwegian horror thriller film written and directed by Severin Eskeland (Detour). It stars Magdalena From Delis, Sondre Krogtoft Larsen and Damian Gallagher. A famous crime writer becomes a victim herself after a crazed fan brutally attacks her. She isolates herself… Read More ›

Devil’s Whisper (USA, 2017)

‘Faith is not enough’ Devil’s Whisper is a 2017 American supernatural horror film produced and directed by Adam Ripp from a screenplay by Oliver Robins (child actor in original Poltergeist and sequel) and Paul Todisco, based on Ripp’s storyline. It stars Luca Oriel, Tessie… Read More ›

Asylum of Satan (USA, 1972)

‘Love slaves of Satan tortured to blood-dripping death’ Asylum of Satan is a 1971 [released 1972] American horror film written and directed by William Girdler (The Manitou; Grizzly; Three on a Meathook; et al). It stars Charles Kissinger, Carla Borelli… Read More ›

Deadly Reunion (USA, 2017)

‘We put the “fun” in dysfunction’ Deadly Reunion is a 2017 horror thriller film directed by James Cullen Bressack (Bethany; Pernicious; Blood Lake; To Jennifer; et al) from a screenplay by Christian Ackerman (producer of 2 Jennifer) and William B…. Read More ›