Escape Room (USA, 2017)

‘Let the game begin…’ Escape Room is a 2017 American horror thriller film written and directed by Peter Dukes (Echoes in the Wind; shorts: Daniel; Little Reaper). It stars Skeet Ulrich, Sean Young, Christine Donlon and Randy Wayne. It should not… Read More ›

Living Dark (USA, 2013)

‘Be careful what you dig for’ Living Dark is a 2013 American horror film directed by David Hunt from a screenplay co-written with Kevin Brown. It stars Chris Cleveland, Matthew Alan and Mark Hayter. Two brothers, reunited for their father’s funeral, stumble upon… Read More ›

Anna (USA, 2017)

‘She’s in control now’ Anna is a 2017 American supernatural  horror film directed by Michael Crum (Fall of Grace; Lake Fear). The MGI Films production stars Justin Duncan, Gerald Crum and Rebekah Lynn Bruflodt. Two men steal a doll from a paranormal… Read More ›

Dark Harvest (USA, 1992)

‘Death reaps what you sow…’ Dark Harvest is a 1992 American horror film written and directed by James I. Nicholson (story writer for Prison Planet). It stars David Zyler, Jamee Natella and Debbie O’Der. A broken down van strands a group of college students… Read More ›