The Sinful Dwarf (1973)

‘A young bride alone with an evil dwarf’ The Sinful Dwarf – original title: Dværgen (English: “The Dwarf”) – is a 1973 Danish exploitation horror film directed by Vidal Raski (his sole film credit, so most probably a pseudonym). The film was released theatrically in the US by… Read More ›

The Vampire Show

The Vampire Show is a four part Danish web series, shot in 2013 and available for viewing online. The episodes total just under 90 minutes. Shot in English, the series a parody of reality TV, and has been described by… Read More ›

The Night Visitor (1971)

The Night Visitor (Swedish title: Papegojan) is a 1971 Swedish/American psychological horror/thriller film in English, starring Max von Sydow (The Exorcist), Liv Ullmann, Trevor Howard, Per Oscarsson, Rupert Davies and Andrew Keir (Quatermass and the Pit), and directed by Laslo Benedek. The film was produced by Mel Ferrer and features… Read More ›

The Kingdom aka Riget

The Kingdom (Danish title: Riget) is an eight-episode Danish television mini-series, created by Lars von Trier in 1994, and co-directed by Lars von Trier and Morten Arnfred. It has been edited together into a five-hour movie for distribution in the United Kingdom and United States. It is currently available on DVD in the United… Read More ›