Cliff Twemlow

Moonstalker aka Predator: The Quietus – UK, 1986

Moonstalker – aka Predator: The Quietus – is a 1986 British horror film directed by Leslie McCarthy from a screenplay co-written with Cliff Twemlow [as Mike Sullivan]. Main cast: Cliff Twemlow, Cordelia Roche, Darryl Marchant, Mark Gover, Paddy Ward, Arthur Willman, Maxton G. Beesley, Abigail Zealey, Mark Heath, Sarah Fallon, Brian Sterling, John Simpson, Michelle… Read More ›

Goblin – rock band

Goblin is an Italian progressive rock band formed from the ashes of two bands, Oliver and Cherry Five, by keyboardist Claudio Simonetti (born in 1952 in São Paulo), guitarist Massimo Morante (born in 1952 in Rome), bassist Fabio Pignatelli and drummer Carlo Bordini, replaced soon after… Read More ›