Beyond Hell – Canada, 2018

Beyond Hell is a 2018 Canadian supernatural horror film written and directed by Alan Murray (short: Exposed). The Dark Spirit Films production stars Gavin R. Downes, Kearsten Johansson, Sebastian Deery, Sean Rey and Chris Kapeleris. After trying a new version of the… Read More ›

Dark Forest – Canada, 2015

Dark Forest is a 2015 Canadian slasher horror film directed and co-produced by Roger Boyer from a screenplay and story co-written with co-producer David Zellis. It stars Stefanie Austin, Genevieve DeGraves and Jalin Desloges. A weekend camping trip turns into a fight for survival…… Read More ›

Sexcula – Canada, 1974

‘She’ll suck more than your blood!’ Sexcula is a 1974 Canadian adult science fiction horror film that was previously considered to be ‘lost’. Shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Bob Hollowich it was screened once before disappearing and has been sought after… Read More ›