Bruno Mattei

Shocking Dark – Italy, 1989

Shocking Dark is a 1989 Italian science-fiction film directed by Bruno Mattei (Snuff Trap; Rats: Night of Terror; The Other Hell; et al)from a screenplay by Claudio Fragasso (Troll 2). Produced by Franco Gaudenzi, the movie stars Christopher Ahrens, Haven Tyler, and Geretta Geretta…. Read More ›

Snuff Trap – Italy, 2003

Snuff Trap is a 2003 Italian horror thriller feature film written and directed by Bruno Mattei [as Pierre Le Blanc] (Hell of the Living Dead; Rats: Night of Terror; Cruel Jaws; Zombies: The Beginning), with producer Giovanni Paolucci (Cannibal World; Island of the Living Dead; Dracula 3D) taking… Read More ›

Cruel Jaws – Italy, 1995

Cruel Jaws is a 1995 Italian film based on the 1975 blockbuster Jaws and its sequels. It was directed by infamous schlock filmmaker Bruno Mattei [as William Snyder] (Hell of the Living Dead; Rats: Night of Terror; Zombies: The Beginning). It is also known as Jaws… Read More ›

Goblin – rock band

Goblin is an Italian progressive rock band formed from the ashes of two bands, Oliver and Cherry Five, by keyboardist Claudio Simonetti (born in 1952 in São Paulo), guitarist Massimo Morante (born in 1952 in Rome), bassist Fabio Pignatelli and drummer Carlo Bordini, replaced soon after… Read More ›

Rats: Night of Terror – Italy, 1983

Rats: Night of Terror – Italian: Rats – Notte di terrore – is a 1983 Italian post-apocalyptic thriller movie directed by Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso. After a nuclear holocaust in 2015 the survivors are divided between those who live in comfortable underground cities and the “New Primitives” who… Read More ›