Await Further Instructions – UK, 2018

Await Further Instructions is a 2018 British mystery horror feature film directed by Johnny Kevorkian from a screenplay by Gavin Williams. The  Goldfinch Studios/Shudder Films production stars David Bradley, Abigail Cruttenden, Holly Weston When the Milgram family awake to discover a mysterious black substance surrounding… Read More ›

Dark Vale – UK, 2017

‘She’s waiting for you’ Dark Vale is a 2017 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Jason M.J. Brown (Dead Girl Walking; City of Decay); it stars Cara Middleton, Ciara A. Lyons and Darren Whitfield. While exploring the ancient ruins of a… Read More ›

The Redeeming – UK, 2018

‘Bad memories always haunt you’ The Redeeming is a 2018 British psychological thriller directed by Brian Barnes from a screenplay by Roger Thomas; it stars Robert Blackwood, Robert Coren and Ryan Wichert. A disturbed single mother is forced to confront a mysterious… Read More ›

Aura – UK, 2018

‘Evil is revealed’ Aura is a 2018 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Steve Lawson (Hellriser; KillerSaurus; Nocturnal Activity), based on a storyline by co-producer Jonathan Sothcott (Eat Locals; Fanged Up; Strippers vs. Werewolves; et al). The Hereford Films production stars Shane… Read More ›

Curse of the Scarecrow – UK, 2018

Curse of the Scarecrow is a 2018 British supernatural horror film directed by Louisa Warren (Bride of Scarecrow) from a screenplay by Shannon Holiday; it stars Kate Lister, Louisa Warren, Cassandra French After witnessing their parents murder as infants, June and Carl have held… Read More ›

The Demonic Doll – UK, 2018

The Demonic Doll is a 2018 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Richard Mansfield (Blood on Satan’s Paw; The Demonic Tapes; Video Killer; The Mothman Curse; et al) . The Mansfield Dark Productions movie stars Harold Fox, Jennie Fox and Matthew Hunt. Rose… Read More ›

Hex – UK, 2017

Hex is a 2017 British folk horror drama film written and directed by George Popov and Jonathan Russell. It stars Tony Broadbent, Suzie Frances Garton and Daniel Oldroyd. During the English Civil War, two opposing soldiers find themselves trapped in a forest controlled… Read More ›