Slaughterhouse Rock – USA, 1988

Slaughterhouse Rock is a 1988 American supernatural horror film directed by Dimitri Logothetis from a screenplay by Sandra Willard, Nora Goodman and Ted Landon. It stars pop singer Toni Basil, and features five songs by new wave band Devo. Alex Gardner (Nicholas Celozzi), a college student suffers from… Read More ›

A Woman’s Torment (USA, 1977)

‘The deranged descent of a woman unchained’ A Woman’s Torment is a 1977 American adult horror film written, produced and directed by Roberta Findlay [as Robert W. Norman] (Prime Evil; Lurkers; Blood Sisters; Snuff). It stars Tara Chung, Marlene Willoughby, Jennifer… Read More ›