JokerBats – rock band

JokerBats are a metal glam goth rock band. Their single ‘Vampire’ was released on February 24, 2014. Press release: “As a band they have drawn inspiration from traditional hard rock bands like Motörhead, Metallica and Black Sabbath who’s own Ozzy Osbourne… Read More ›

‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ by Chvrches – song

Bela Lugosi’s Dead is a 2014 cover version of Bauhaus’ gloomy yet mesmerising gothic anthem of the same title by Scottish synth pop band Chvrches. The group consists of Lauren Mayberry (lead vocals, additional synthesisers and samplers), Iain Cook (synthesisers, guitar, bass, vocals), and Martin Doherty (synthesisers, samplers, vocals)…. Read More ›

The Hunger (1983)

‘Nothing human lasts forever’ The Hunger is a 1983 British supernatural horror film and the directorial debut of Tony Scott. It is the story of a love triangle between a doctor (Susan Sarandon) who specialises in sleep and aging research and a vampire couple – Catherine Deneuve (Repulsion)… Read More ›