Ari Millen

Darken – Canada, 2017

‘Another world awaits’ Darken is a 2017 Canadian science fiction horror feature film directed by Audrey Cummings (She Never Died; Tormented) from a screenplay by RJ Lackie. It was produced by Shaftesbury Films’ Smokebomb Entertainment. The movie stars Bea Santos, Oluniké Adeliyi, Christine Horne, Paul Amos, and Ari Millen…. Read More ›

Hellmouth – Canada, 2014

‘He carries death… and a shovel!’ Hellmouth is a 2014 Canadian horror film produced and directed by John Geddes (director of Exit Humanity; Scarce; producer of The Hexecutioners; Septic Man; Monster Brawl) from a screenplay by Tony Burgess (The Hexecutioners; Ejecta; Pontypool). It… Read More ›

Rupture – Canada/USA, 2016

Rupture is a 2016 American-Canadian science fiction thriller feature film directed by Steven Shainberg from a screenplay co-written with Brian Nelson (Hard Candy). The movie stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Chiklis, Kerri Bishé, Ari Millen, Lesley Manville, Percy Hynes White, Morgan Kelly, Sergio Di Zio, Paul… Read More ›

The HeXecutioners – Canada, 2015

‘Dying is a wild night’ The HeXecutioners is a 2015 Canadian horror film directed by Jesse Thomas Cook (Scarce; Monster Brawl; Septic Man) from a screenplay by Tony Burgess (Ejecta; Pontypool; Hellmouth). Main cast: Liv Collins, Sarah Power (Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Killjoys), Tim… Read More ›