Extinction – USA, 2018

‘We were not here first’ Extinction is a 2018 science fiction thriller directed by Ben Young (Hounds of Love) from a screenplay by Brad Caleb Kane and Spenser Cohen. Eric Heisserer (Arrival) also worked on the script. The movie stars Michael… Read More ›

Caught – UK, 2017

‘Terror has arrived’ Caught is a 2017 British science fiction horror film directed by Jamie Patterson from a screenplay by Dave Allsop and Alex Francis. The film was produced by Christina O’Shea-Daly, Jeremy Davis and Alex Francis. It stars Mickey Sumner, April Pearson, Cian… Read More ›

Undead – Australia, 2003

‘Crazy has come to town for a visit’ Undead is a 2003 Australian science fiction horror comedy film written and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig (Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built; Jigsaw; Daybreakers); it stars Felicity Mason, Mungo McKay and Rob Jenkins. After losing her family farm to… Read More ›

Canaries – UK, 2017

‘In Wales, no one can hear you scream’ Canaries is a 2017 British science fiction comedy horror film written and directed by Peter Stray, making his feature debut. It stars Robert Pugh, Kai Owen, Richard Mylan and Hannah Danie. Ahead… Read More ›

Not Like Us – USA, 1995

‘Beauty is only skin deep… And they want yours.’ Not Like Us is a 1995 American science fiction comedy horror feature film directed by Dave Payne (Reeker and sequel; Addams Family Reunion; Alien Terminator) from a screenplay by Daniella Purcell. Roger Corman… Read More ›

Nightwish – USA, 1988

 ‘In your dreams no-one can hear you scream’ Nightwish is a 1988 American horror feature film written and directed by Bruce R. Cook. It stars Clayton Rohner, Alisha Das, and Jack Starrett. Art director Robert A. Burns worked on Re-Animator; Tourist… Read More ›

Parasyte: Part 1

  Parasyte: Part 1 – originally: 寄生獣 or Kiseijū – is a 2014 Japanese science fiction action horror film directed by Takashi Yamazaki from s screenplay co-written with Ryota Kosawa. Main cast: Shota Sometani, Sadao Abe, Eri Fukatsu, Ai Hashimoto and Masahiro Higashide. The film… Read More ›

Area 51 – USA, 2015

Area 51 is a 2014 American science-fiction horror film, written and directed by Oren Peli, the director of Paranormal Activity (2007) and starring Benjamin Rovner, Reid Warner and Darrin Bragg. Plot teaser| Three young conspiracy theorists attempt to uncover the mysteries of Area… Read More ›

Mars Attacks! – USA, 1996

  Mars Attacks! is a 1996 American comedy science fiction horror film directed by Tim Burton (Corpse Bride; Sleepy Hollow; Dark Shadows) from a screenplay by Jonathan Gems, based on the cult trading card series of the same name. The film is a parody of science… Read More ›

Cute Little Buggers – UK, 2017

‘Cute… cuddly and hungry for blood‘ Cute Little Buggers is a 2017 British science fiction comedy horror feature film directed by Tony Jopia (Zombie Harvest; DeadTime; Crying Wolf) from a screenplay by Garry Charles and Andy Davie. The movie stars Caroline Munro (Dracula A.D. 1972;… Read More ›

The Device -2014

‘The invasion begins with you’ The Device is a 2014 science fiction horror film directed by Jeremy Berg from a screenplay co-written with John Portanova. The film stars Angela DiMarco, David S. Hogan, Kate Alden, Gabriel Congdon, Lorraine Montez, Ben Andrews, Morgen Johnson and… Read More ›

Slime – toy, 1976

Slime was a toy product manufactured by Mattel, sold in a plastic rubbish bin and introduced in the winter of 1976. It consisting of a non-toxic viscous, oozing green material made primarily from guar gum. Different variations of Slime were released over the years, including… Read More ›

Killers from Space – USA, 1954

Killers from Space is a 1954 U.S. science fiction feature film, produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder (Phantom from Space; The Snow Creature) from a screenplay by his son Myles Wilder and their regular collaborator William Raynor. The movie stars Peter Graves (Beginning of the End; Scream of the Wolf), Frank Gerstle and Barbara… Read More ›

Dark Skies (2013)

‘Once you’ve been chosen, you belong to them.’ Dark Skies is a 2013 American science fiction horror film directed by Scott Stewart, produced by Jason Blum, starring Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton and Dakota Goyo. It was released in the US on… Read More ›

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror

Treehouse of Horror episodes are a series of episodes in the animated series The Simpsons. They are Halloween specials, each consisting of three separate, self-contained segments. These segments usually involve the Simpson family in some horror, science fiction, or supernatural setting. They take place outside the show’s normal continuity and completely abandon… Read More ›

Critters film franchise

Critters is a science-fiction horror comedy directed by Stephen Herek (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead) and starring Scott Grimes, Dee Wallace-Stone, Don Opper, Billy Zane, Billy Green Bush and Terence Mann. A Kansas farm is attacked by… Read More ›

Invasion of the Saucer Men – USA, 1957

Invasion of the Saucer Men – released in the UK as Invasion of the Hell Creatures – is a 1957 American sci-fi horror comedy film directed by Edward L. Cahn. It stars Steven Terrell and Gloria Castillo and personally produced by James H. Nicholson for his American International Pictures (AIP). The film’s working… Read More ›

Galaxy of Terror (USA, 1981)

‘Your countdown to Hell is about to begin!’ Galaxy of Terror – also known as Planet of Horrors and Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror – is a 1981 science fiction/horror film produced by Roger Corman and directed by Bruce D. Clark from a screenplay co-written with Marc Siegler…. Read More ›

Brain Dead – USA, 2007

Brain Dead is a 2007 American comedy horror gore film directed by Kevin S. Tenney (Witchtrap; Witchboard, Night of the Demons) from a screenplay by Dale Gelineau. It stars Joshua Benton, Sarah Grant Brendecke, and Michelle Tomlinson. A small meteor hits a couple of fishermen… Read More ›

Alien – UK/USA, 1979

Alien is a 1979 science fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott. Dan O’Bannon wrote the screenplay from a story by him and Ronald Shusett, drawing influence from previous works of science fiction and horror. The film’s title refers to its primary antagonist: a highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature that stalks… Read More ›