Army of Darkness (1992)

‘Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas.’ Army of Darkness – aka Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness – is a 1992 American comedy horror film directed by Sam Raimi from a screenplay co-written with Ivan Raimi. It was co-produced by Robert Tapert… Read More ›

Spectral (2016)

Spectral is a 2016 action-science-fiction-horror film directed by Nic Mathieu, making his feature debut, from a screenplay by Ian Fried, John Gatins (Kong: Skull Island storyline), Jamie Moss (Ghost in the Shell), and George Nolfi for Legendary Pictures. Netflix is releasing the… Read More ›

Tank 432 (2015)

‘There’s no turning back.’ Tank 432 is a 2015 British action horror thriller film written and directed by Nick Gillespie (The Shadow Seamstress; second unit work and additional photography on The Ghoul; A Field In England; Sightseers; Doctor Who; Kill List and High-Rise)…. Read More ›

Mutant Girls Squad (2010)

Mutant Girls Squad is a 2010 Japanese science fiction action horror directed film by Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura and Tak Sakaguchi, from a screenplay by Iguchi and Jun Tsugita The film is about Rin, a sixteen-year-old mutant girl who meets a gang… Read More ›

Starship Troopers (2018)

Starship Troopers is a forthcoming American sci-fi action horror film being scripted by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (Friday the 13th, 2009; Freddy vs. Jason) for Columbia Pictures. Neal H. Moritz (Fast & Furious franchise) and Toby Jaffe (Total Recall remake) are producing. The Hollywood… Read More ›