80s horror

Demons 2 (1986)

‘The nightmare returns… Let’s party!’ Demons 2 – Italian: Dèmoni 2, aka Demons 2: The Nightmare Returns –  is a 1986 Italian supernatural horror film directed by Lamberto Bava and co-written and produced by Dario Argento. It is a sequel to Bava’s 1985… Read More ›

The National Mummy

La Momia Nacional (which translates as “The National Mummy”) is a 1981 Spanish horror sex comedy directed by José Ramón Larraz (Vampyres, Scream – and Die!, Rest in Pieces, Edge of the Axe) from a screenplay by Juan José Alonso Millán. It stars Francisco… Read More ›

Final Exam (1981)

Final Exam is a 1981 American slasher horror film. Director and screenwriter Jimmy Huston apparently wanted to go against the norm and decided to feature little on-screen graphic violence. Still, like most slasher films of the 1980s, it was battered by critics… Read More ›

Splatterhouse – arcade game

Splatterhouse (スプラッターハウス Supurattāhausu) is a 1988 arcade game developed and published by Namco. It is also the title of the entire series of subsequent games released in home console and personal computer formats. Due to its violent nature as well as some questionable enemies, the TurboGrafx-16 port of Splatterhouse had a parental advisory warning of… Read More ›

The Prey (1980)

‘It’s not human, and it’s got an axe!’ The Prey is a 1980 American horror film directed by Edwin Scott Brown from a script he wrote with his spouse Summer Brown (the latter also produced). It was very briefly released… Read More ›