Stung (2015)

‘Get inside. Get away. Just don’t get…’ Stung is a 2015 American-German comedy horror film directed by Benni Diez (Galaxy of Horrors: “Kingz” segment). The cast includes Matt O´Leary (Santa Clarita Diet; Frailty; Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire), Jessica Cook, Peter… Read More ›

Massagist (2015)

Massagist – 索命暹罗之按摩师 [“Sui Sui’s Massage Therapist”] – is a 2015 Thai-Chinese supernatural horror film directed by Taweewat Wantha (Long Weekend; SARS Wars) from a screenplay by Yang Jian, Wu Lei Lei and Chen Yang. The film stars Bowie Lam, Yuan Bai… Read More ›

Cryptic Plasm (2015)

Cryptic Plasm is a 2015 American horror film written and directed by Brian Paulin (Blood Pigs; Fetus; Bone Sickness; Mummy Raider). It stars Christina Amaral, Jack Anthony and Kevin Barbare. Cryptozoologist David Gates (Joe Olson) and his team investigate strange phenomena. One of… Read More ›

Dear, Don’t Be Afraid (2015)

Dear, Don’t Be Afraid – Chinese: 亲, 别怕 or: 亲,别怕之鬼宅凶灵 – is a 2015 3D Chinese supernatural horror film directed by Yu Dange and Cao Anjun. A writer is hired to live for several months in a remote mansion, working on the biography of a… Read More ›

Freak Out (2015)

‘Don’t worry, the Army’s got your back!’ Freak Out – original title: Mesuvag Harig – is a 2015 Israeli comedy horror film directed by Boaz Armoni from a screenplay by Lior Lederman. It stars Itay Zvolon, Kye Korabelnikov, Assaf Ben-Shimon, Eran Peretz and Ofer Ruthenberg. Matan, a… Read More ›

Kill Game (2015)

‘No-one is laughing now.’ Kill Game is a 2015 American slasher horror film written and directed by Robert Mearns (Blessed). It stars Laura Ashley Samuels, Pierson Fode and Michael Galante. The film is released on Blu-ray and all other formats in North America… Read More ›

The Dark Below (2015)

‘This is a cold cruel world’ The Dark Below is a 2015 horror survival thriller written, co-produced and directed by Douglas Shulze (The Monster Show; Mimesis; Dark Fields; et al) from a storyline co-written with Jonathan D’Ambrosio. It stars Lauren Mae Shafer, David… Read More ›