Grave Robbers – Mexico, 1989

Grave Robbers – aka Ladrones de tumbas – is a 1989 Mexican supernatural horror feature film directed by Rubén Galindo Jr. (Don’t Panic; Cemetery of Terror) from a screenplay by Carlos Valdemar, adapted from Galindo Jr.’s storyline. Fernando Almada, Edna Bolkan and Erika Buenfil star. During the… Read More ›

Satanic Attraction – Brazil, 1989

Satanic Attraction – original title: Atração Satânica – is a 1989 Brazilian supernatural horror film directed by Fauzi Mansur (Ritual of Death) from a screenplay co-written with Filipe Grecco; it stars Ênio Gonçalves, Gabriela Toscano and André Loureiro. Disc jockey Fernanda (Gabriela Toscano) presents a… Read More ›

After Midnight – USA, 1989

‘Terror has no curfew.’ After Midnight is a 1989 American horror anthology film written and directed by Jim and Ken Wheat (Pitch Black; The Fly II; The Silent Scream; et al). It stars Judie Aronson, Marg Helgenberger and Marc McClure. On September 26,… Read More ›

The Dead Pit – USA, 1989

‘Drop in anytime.’ The Dead Pit is a 1989 American horror feature film directed by Brett Leonard (Feed; Man-Thing; Hideaway; The Lawnmower Man) from a screenplay co-written with producer Gimel Everett. It stars Jeremy Slate, Cheryl Lawson and Stephen Gregory Foster…. Read More ›

The Cellar – USA, 1989

‘Whatever you do, don’t go into the…’ The Cellar is a 1989 American horror film directed by Kevin S. Tenney (Brain Dead; Night of the Demons; Witchboard and sequels) from a screenplay by John Woodward, based on screen story co-written… Read More ›

Skinned Alive – USA, 1989

‘Unhinged! Insane! Totally out of control!’ Skinned Alive is a 1989 [released 1990] American comedy horror film written, co-edited and directed by John Killough (writer of Galaxy of the Dinosaurs). It stars Mary Jackson, Scott Spiegel (director of Intruder; co-writer of Evil… Read More ›

Night Angel – USA, 1989

‘Spend a night in her arms, spend an eternity in Hell!’ Night Angel – aka Hellborn – is a 1989 (released 1990) supernatural American horror film directed by Swiss-born Dominique Othenin-Girard (Omen IV: The Awakening; Halloween 5; After Darkness) from a screenplay… Read More ›

Elves – USA, 1989

‘They’re not working for Santa… anymore’ Elves is a 1989 American supernatural horror film directed by Jeffrey Mandel from a screenplay co-written with Mike Griffin and Bruce A. Taylor. It was produced by Mark Paglia (Alien Seed). It stars Dan Haggerty… Read More ›

The Chilling – USA, 1989

‘They came, they thawed, they conquered…’ The Chilling is a 1989 American science fiction horror film directed by Deland Nuse (Return of the Boogeyman) and Jack A. Sunseri (producer of The Dead Pit) from a screenplay the latter co-wrote with actor Guy… Read More ›

PsychoCop – USA, 1989

‘He’s the last cop you’ll ever meet’ PsychoCop – aka Psycho Cop – is a 1989 American slasher horror feature film written and directed by Wallace Potts (Tales of the Unliving and the Undead), noted for its similarities to the previous… Read More ›

Parents – USA, 1989

‘There’s a new name for terror…’ Parents is a 1989 American black comedy horror film directed by Bob Balaban from a screenplay by Christopher Hawthorne. It stars Randy Quaid, Mary Beth Hurt, Sandy Dennis and Bryan Madorsky. The film received a… Read More ›

Shocker – USA, 1989

‘No more Mr. Nice Guy’ Shocker – also known as Wes Craven’s Shocker – is a 1989 American comedy horror feature film written and directed by co-producer Wes Craven (Scream; A Nightmare on Elm Street; The Hills Have Eyes). The movie stars Michael… Read More ›

Intruder – USA, 1989

‘He’s just crazy ’bout this store!’ Intruder – also known as Night of the Intruder and Night Crew: The Final Checkout – is a 1989 American slasher horror film co-written and directed by Scott Spiegel, the co-writer of Evil Dead II. Co-writer and producer Lawrence Bender went… Read More ›

Masque of the Red Death – USA, 1989

Masque of the Red Death is a 1989 American horror feature film produced by Roger Corman, and directed by Larry Brand (Paranoia; writer of Halloween: Resurrection; Psychic Murders), starring Adrian Paul (Deadly Descent: The Abominable Snowman; Séance; The Breed) and Patrick Macnee (Transformations; Sweet Sixteen;… Read More ›

Witchtrap – USA, 1989

‘This time, it’s not a game.’ Witchtrap is a 1989 American supernatural horror feature film co-produced, written and directed by Kevin S. Tenney (Brain Dead; Night of the Demons; Witchboard and sequel). It stars James W. Quinn, Kathleen Bailey, Judy Tatum and Rob… Read More ›

Hellgate – USA, 1989

‘Beyond the darkness terror lives forever’ Hellgate is a 1989 (released 1990) American-South African horror film directed by William A. Levey (Blackenstein) from a screenplay by Michael S. O’Rourke (MoonStalker; Deadly Love). It was produced by Anant Singh (The Mangler; City… Read More ›

Offerings – USA, 1988

‘Remember him before he dismembers you!’ Offerings is a 1988 American slasher horror feature film written, produced and directed by Christopher Reynolds. It was Reynolds’ only horror film and was released in 1989. The movie stars Jay Michael Ferguson, Richard A. Buswell, Tobe Sexton and G. Michael… Read More ›

Beasties – USA, 1989

Beasties is a 1989 American science fiction horror feature film, originally titled Bionaut, written, produced and directed by Steven Paul Contreras. The film, which was shot on Super 8mm, was bought by David DeCoteau (director of Creepozoids, Sorority Babes in the… Read More ›

MoonStalker – USA, 1989

‘Campfire stories can be deadly’ MoonStalker is a 1989 American satirical slasher horror feature film written and directed by Michael O’Rourke (Deadly Love; Hellgate). The synth score was by Douglas Pipes (Monster House; Trick ‘r Treat; Krampus). The movie stars Blake Gibbons, Ingrid… Read More ›

Night Shadow – USA, 1989

‘Where evil lurks…’ Night Shadow is a 1989 American werewolf horror film written and directed by Randolph Cohlan (his sole directorial credit). The creature was designed by Mark Crowe based on his story concept. The original title was Night Drop and it… Read More ›

Slash Dance – USA, 1989

‘Save the last dance… for Hell!’ Slash Dance – aka Slashdance – is a 1989 American horror thriller written and directed by James Shyman (Hollywood’s New Blood). It stars Cindy Ferda, James Carroll Jordan and J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner. In Hollywood, a female cop goes… Read More ›

Moontrap – USA, 1988

‘For fourteen thousand years… it waited’ Moontrap is a 1988 [released 1989] American science fiction horror feature film produced and directed by Robert Dyke from a screenplay by Tex Ragsdale. The cast features Walter Koenig (Mr. Chekhov from Star Trek), Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead… Read More ›