Alice, Sweet Alice aka Communion – USA, 1976

‘If you survive this night… nothing will ever scare you again.’ Communion is a 1976 American slasher horror feature film directed by Alfred Sole (Tanya’s Island, Pandemonium) from a screenplay co-written with Rosemary Ritvo. It stars Linda Miller, Paula Sheppard, Brooke Shields and Mildred Clinton. The film was released… Read More ›

Rattlers – USA, 1976

‘What a horrible way to die!’ Rattlers is a 1976 American horror feature film produced and directed by John McCauley (Deadly Intruder) from a screenplay co-written with Jerry Golding. The movie stars Sam Chew, Elisabeth Chauvet, Tony Ballen, Dan Priest, Ron Gold, Darwin Joston, and… Read More ›

Savage Weekend – USA, 1976

‘All they wanted was fun… what they got was terror… mayhem… murder! Savage Weekend is a 1976 American slasher horror feature film written, produced and directed by David Paulsen as The Upstate Murders and initially marketed as Killer Behind the Mask. The film features a repeated… Read More ›

Snuff – USA, 1976

Snuff is a 1976 American splatter horror film, and is most notorious for being marketed as if it were an actual snuff film. Its release contributed to the urban legend of snuff films, although the concept did not originate with it. The film started out… Read More ›

Black Magic 2 – Hong Kong, 1976

‘The ‘walking dead’ are the most deadly!’ Black Magic 2 – original title: 勾魂降頭; Gou hun jiang tou – is a 1976 supernatural Hong Kong horror film directed by Ho Meng-Hua (Oily Maniac) and produced by the Shaw Brothers (Seeding a a Ghost; Inseminoid; Human Lanterns)…. Read More ›

Squirm – USA, 1976

‘This was the night of the CRAWLING TERROR!’ Squirm is a 1976 American “nature-strikes-back” horror film starring Don Scardino (He Knows You’re Alone), Patricia Pearcy, R.A. Dow and Jean Sullivan. It was the debut of cult writer and director Jeff Lieberman (Blue Sunshine, Just Before Dawn) and remains his most… Read More ›

The Premonition – USA, 1975

‘Beyond the power of an exorcist…’ The Premonition is a 1975 American horror film produced and directed by Robert Allen Schnitzer from a screenplay co-written with Anthony Mahon. It stars Sharon Farrell, Richard Lynch and Jeff Corey. Noted American composer Henry Mollicone provided the… Read More ›

The Oily Maniac – Hong Kong, 1976

The Oily Maniac is a 1976 Hong Kong supernatural horror film directed by Meng Hua Ho (Black Magic; The Psychopath; The Mighty Peking Man) from a screenplay by Lam Chua [as Tsai Lan]. The Shaw Brothers production stars Danny Lee (Infra-Man), Ping Chen, Lily Li.  The film is… Read More ›

Drive In Massacre – USA, 1976

‘ …Your nightmares are about to come true!!’ Drive In Massacre (on-screen title) aka: Drive-In Massacre) is a 1976 American slasher horror feature film produced, written and directed by adult movie specialist Stu Segall from a screenplay by John F. Goff (The Night Stalker; Deadly Intent)… Read More ›

The Redeemer – USA, 1976

‘If you have a craving for terror come to the class reunion’ The Redeemer – aka The Redeemer… Son of Satan and Class Reunion Massacre – is an American horror feature film directed by Constantine S. Gochis from a screenplay by William Vernick. The… Read More ›

Crash! – USA, 1977

‘How many cars can one movie crash?’ Crash! is a 1976 American action horror feature film produced and directed by Charles Band (Parasite; Evil Bong 420; Ooga Booga) from a screenplay by Marc Marais (House of the Living Dead). In the USA, Crash!… Read More ›

J.D.’s Revenge – USA, 1976

J.D.’s Revenge is a 1976 American blaxploitation horror film produced and directed by Arthur Marks from a screenplay by Jaison Starkes for American International Pictures (AIP). It stars Glynn Turman, Lou Gossett and Joan Pringle.   Isaac Hendrix (Turman) is a young college student… Read More ›

Nagin – India, 1976

Nagin (English translation: “Female Snake”) is a 1976 Indian Hindi horror fantasy film produced and directed by Rajkumar Kohli. It features a huge ensemble cast including Sunil Dutt, Reena Roy, Jeetendra, Feroz Khan, Sanjay Khan, Vinod Mehra, Kabir Bedi, Rekha, Yogeeta Bali… Read More ›

Blood Voyage – USA, 1976

  Blood Voyage – also known as Nightmare Voyage – is a 1976 American murder mystery feature film directed by veteran actor Frank Mitchell from a screenplay by William Tate and Jim Patton. Although Blood Voyage was his only directorial credit, veteran actor Frank Mitchell had a huge… Read More ›

Dogs – USA, 1976

‘Don’t pet them… fear them!’ Dogs – aka Slaughter – is a 1976 American science fiction horror film directed by Burt Brinckerhoff from a screenplay by O’Brian Tomalin. It stars David McCallum (Frankenstein: The True Story), Sandra McCabe and George Wyner. On the quiet campus of the… Read More ›

Chewits ‘Monster Muncher’

Chewits is the brand name of a British chewy, cuboid-shaped, soft taffy sweet manufactured by Cloetta since 1965. Chewits have been available in a variety of increasingly exotic flavours since their inception. Chewits were first advertised on television in 1976. The original ads featured the ‘Monster Muncher’,… Read More ›

The Rat Saviour – Yugoslavia, 1976

Izbavitelj – also known as The Rat Saviour – is a 1976 Yugoslavian horror science fiction fantasy film directed by Krsto Papić. Based on Russian Alexander Grin’s 1920’s novel Pacolovac (“The Ratcatcher”), Izbavitelj (literally ‘saviour’ or ‘redeemer’) sees down and out writer, Ivan… Read More ›

At the Earth’s Core – UK, 1976

At the Earth’s Core is a 1976 fantasy-science fiction film with monsters produced by Britain’s Amicus Productions. It was directed by Kevin Connor (From Beyond the Grave, Motel Hell) and stars Peter Cushing, Doug McClure (Humanoids from the Deep), Caroline Munro (Dracula A.D. 1972) and Philippa Herring. It was based on the fantasy novel At the Earth’s… Read More ›

The Demon Lover – USA, 1976

‘At last! The truth about demons!’ The Demon Lover is a 1976 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Jerry Younkins and Donald G. Jackson (Hell Comes to Frogtown, The Devil’s Pet). It has also been released as The Devil Master; Master of… Read More ›

Beasts – TV series, UK, 1976

Beasts is a series of six 1976 British television plays by Manx writer Nigel Kneale, unconnected but for a bestial horror theme, made by ATV for ITV. In 1976, Nigel Kneale left his position as staff writer at the BBC and made the step across to the ITV network,… Read More ›

Schizo – UK, 1976

‘When the left hand doesn’t know who the right hand is killing!!’ Schizo is a 1976 British slasher film produced and directed by Pete Walker. It stars Lynne Frederick, John Leyton, Stephanie Beacham (Dracula A.D. 1972; House of Mortal Sin) and John Fraser… Read More ›

Martin – USA, 1976

‘He could be the boy next door…’ Martin is a 1976 American horror feature film directed by George A. Romero. Chronologically, it was made between The Crazies and Dawn of the Dead.  Romero has claimed that it’s the favourite film he has made… Read More ›