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  • Altar (USA, 2016)

    ‘Sacrifices must be made’ Altar is a 2016 American found footage horror film written, produced, edited, photographed and directed by Matthew Sconce (Stricken). It stars Stefanie Estes, Brittany Falardeau and Jessica Strand. A group of former college classmates get lost driving to a… Read More ›

  • The Conjuring 3 (USA, 2018)

    The Conjuring 3 is a forthcoming American supernatural horror film sequel. As reported by Deadline, Variety and other online sources, New Line Cinema has announced that David Leslie Johnson (The Walking Dead; Dungeons & Dragons; Red Riding Hood; Orphan) has been confirmed as… Read More ›

  • The Creep Behind the Camera (USA, 2014)

    ‘Con artist. Psychopath. Monster movie maker.’ The Creep Behind the Camera is a 2014 American documentary/drama written and directed by Pete Schuermann. The Slithering Carpets production stars Josh Phillips, Jodi Lynn Thomas and Bill LeVasseur.  An exploration of the making of… Read More ›

  • Theatre of Fear (UK, 2014)

    Theatre of Fear aka The Midnight Horror Show is a 2014 British horror film written, produced and directed by Andrew Jones. The North Bank Entertainment production stars Jared Morgan, Lee Bane and Nathan Head. The Moreau family travel around the UK… Read More ›

  • Sexual Parasite (Japan, 2004)

    Sexual Parasite – aka Sexual Parasite: Killer Pussy – is a 2004 V-cinema Japanese horror film written and directed by Takao Nakano. It was originally titled: 奇性蟲 キラープッシー [Kiseichuu: kiraa pusshii]. It stars Sakurako Kaoru, Natsumi Mitsu and Tomohiro Okada. Five teenagers enter a deserted… Read More ›

  • The Crimes of the Black Cat (Italy, 1972)

    The Crimes of the Black Cat – original title: Sette scialli di seta gialla [“7 Shawls of Yellow Silk”] – is a 1972 Italian ‘giallo’ horror thriller directed by Sergio Pastore from a screenplay co-written with Sandro Continenza (Let Sleeping Corpses Lie) and Giovanni Simonelli. It stars Anthony Steffen, Sylva… Read More ›

  • Dreaming Purple Neon (USA, 2016)

    ‘Think you’ve seen it all? Think again!’ Dreaming Purple Neon is a 2016 American horror film written and directed by Todd Sheets (Bonehill Road; House of Forbidden Secrets; Zombie Bloodbath and sequels). It stars Jeremy Edwards, Eli DeGeer and Millie Milan. After… Read More ›