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  • Abruptio (2018)

    ‘Everyone’s a puppet’ Abruptio is a 2018 American surrealist horror film written and directed by Evan Marlowe (Horror House; Blood Rush). It stars James Marsters, Jordan Peele and Robert Englund. Les Hackel (James Marsters) is a guy down on his luck who… Read More ›

  • Dawn of the Dead – board game (1978)

    For what was essentially a low budget independent film with a restricted release, George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead spawned some unusual merchandise. These days, the world is awash with retroactive merch for cult movies and toy tie-ins for movies… Read More ›

  • The Mad Ghoul (1943)

    ‘A new sensation in horror!’ The Mad Ghoul is a 1943 American science fiction horror film directed by James P. Hogan (his last film, before he died of a heart attack, aged 53) from a screenplay by Paul Gangelin and Brenda Weisberg. The Universal production stars Turhan… Read More ›

  • Camera Obscura (2017)

    ‘Take a picture. Take a life.’ Camera Obscura is a 2017 American horror thriller film produced and directed by Aaron B. Koontz (director of shorts The El Chupugcabra; Malevolence) from a screenplay co-written with Cameron Burns. The film is a feature… Read More ›

  • Satan’s Triangle (1975)

    ‘A tale of mounting terror’ Satan’s Triangle is a 1975 American made-for-TV horror film directed by Sutton Roley (The Curse of Dracula TV series; Chosen Survivors; Sweet, Sweet Rachel) from a screenplay by William Read Woodfield (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea). It… Read More ›

  • Beach Massacre at Kill Devil Hills (2016)

    ‘Nightmares begin in the shallows’ Beach Massacre at Kill Devil Hills is a 2016 American survival horror thriller film produced and directed by Lawrence W. Nelson II (The Mangled; The Butcher) from a screenplay co-written with John Saunders. The film… Read More ›

  • American Exorcism (2017)

    ‘Just your average, all-American, small town girl… possessed.’ American Exorcism is a 2017 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Tripp Weathers, making his feature debut. It stars Braxton Davis, Michael Filipowich and Sicily Fontaine. The film should not be confused… Read More ›