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Earth vs. the Sci-Fi Filmmakers: Twenty Interviews by Tom Weaver, McFarland



Eaten Alive!: Italian Cannibal and Zombie Movies by Jay Slater (editor), Plexus, 2002

eaten alive italian cannibal and zombie movies

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Eaten Alive at a Chainsaw Massacre: The Films of Tobe Hooper by John Kenneth Muir, McFarland, 2002


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Ed Wood: Mad Genius by Rob Craig, McFarland, 2009

Educational Institutions in Horror Film: A History of Mad Professors, Student Bodies, and Final Exams by Andrew L. Grunzke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

Educational-Institutions-in-Horror-Film-Andrew-L-Grunzke |

Elliot’s Guide to Films on Video by John Elliot, Boxtree, 2nd edition, 1991

Empire of the ‘B’s: The Mad Movie World of Charles Band by Dave Jay, Torsten Jewi, Nathan Shumate, Hemlock Books, 2014



The Encyclopedia of Monsters by Daniel Cohen, W. Clement Stone, 1987

Encyclopedia of Monsters Daniel Cohen

The Encyclopedia of Monsters by Jeff Rovin, Facts on File, 1990 (reprint)

Encyclopedia of Monsters Jeff Rovin Facts on File book

Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns: Supernatural and Science Fiction Elements in Novels, Pulps, Comics, Films, Television and Games by Paul Green, McFarland, 2009

Encyclopedia-Weird-Westerns-second-edition-Paul-Green | |

English Gothic: Classic Horror Cinema 1897 – 2015 by Jonathan Rigby, 2015, Reynolds and Hearn, UK


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Eroticism in the Fantasy Cinema – Bill George, Imagine, USA, 1984

Essential Horror Movies: Matinee Monsters to Cult Classics by Michael Mallory, Rizzoli International Publications, Sept. 2015



The Essential Monster Movie Guide – Stephen Jones, Titan Books, London, UK, 1999

Euro Gothic: Classics of Continental Horror Cinema by Jonathan Rigby, Signum Books, 2016

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European Horror Cinema by Ross Hunter


European Nightmares: Horror Cinema in Europe Since 1945 by Patricia Allmer, David Huxley, Emily Brick, Columbia University Press, 2012

Evilspeak: Horror Magazine by Vanessa Nocura, CreateSpace, 2013 – 2014




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The Exorcist – William Peter Blatty, Sight and Sound

The Exorcist – Mark Kermode, BFI, 2nd edition, 2011

The Exorcist: Out of the Shadows – Bob McCabe, Omnibus Press, UK, 1999

Exploitation Nation – CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2017

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4 Comments on “Books”

  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I noticed that you seem to like old horror movies. I do too. I was hoping that you could tell me the name of a movie I used to see when I was a kid. it’s about a group of paranormal investigators who show up at an old “haunted” house. The story ends with all of them gathered in a room listening to the sound of a loud boom. It turns out that the noises are being made by the ghost of an old bedridden woman who was beating on the wall to summon her nurse. One night, the old woman beat on the wall for help but the nurse was off seeing her boyfriend and so the old woman died. She of course didn’t realize she was dead and was now haunting the house and ultimately ended up driving the nurse to commit suicide. It used to come on tv a lot, in the seventies, and for some reason I seem to think that it’s either a rip-off of the haunting on a sequel to the Haunting.If you have any idea what the name of this movie is, I would be forever grateful. I’ve been looking for it for years.

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