worst films ever made

Elves (1989)

‘They’re not working for Santa… anymore’ Elves is a 1989 American horror film directed by Jeffrey Mandel from a screenplay co-written with Mike Griffin and Bruce A. Taylor. It was produced by Mark Paglia (Alien Seed). It stars Dan Haggerty (Axe… Read More ›

Hobgoblins (1988)

Hobgoblins is a 1988 American comedy horror film directed by directed, written, and produced by Rick Sloane, who also served as cinematographer and editor. Kenneth J. Hall (director of The Halfway House and Evil Spawn) fabricated the hobgoblins. The plot concerns small, hobgoblins (demon like mythical creatures)… Read More ›

Skinned Deep (2004)

‘A new icon of terror for a new generation of fear, meet the Surgeon General’ Skinned Deep is a 2004 American horror film written, produced and directed by special effects and makeup artist Gabe [Gabriel] Bartalos. In some territories it was released… Read More ›

Beasties (1989)

Beasties is a 1989 American science fiction horror film, originally titled Bionaut, written, produced and directed by Steven Paul Contreras. The film, which was shot on Super 8mm, was bought by David DeCoteau (director of Creepozoids, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama;… Read More ›