TV film

Bad Ronald (1974)

‘A disturbed teenager unleashes a night of terror’ Bad Ronald is a 1974 American TV movie directed by Buzz Kulik (Crawlspace, 1971) from a screenplay by Andrew Peter Marin. It is based on a novel by Jack Holbrook Vance, who… Read More ›

Dead of Night (1977)

Dead of Night is a 1977 American made-for-television anthology fantasy horror film directed by Dan Curtis (Burnt Offerings; Dark Shadows; The Norliss Tapes; Trilogy of Terror). It originally premiered on NBC on March 29, 1977. The film consists three stories written by… Read More ›

Arachnoquake (2012)

‘The world will quake in fear’ Arachnoquake is a 2012 American made-for-television horror film directed by prolific Griff Furst (I Am Omega; Wolvesbayne; Mask Maker; Lake Placid III; Swamp Shark) from a screenplay by Eric Forsberg (Ghost Shark; Mega Piranha; Snakes… Read More ›

Stepfather III (1992)

‘Daddy’s been working in the garden… again!’ Stepfather III – aka Stepfather III: Father’s Day – is a 1992 made-for-TV British-American slasher horror film directed by co-producer Guy Magar (Children of the Corn: Revelation; Retribution) from a screenplay co-written with Marc B. Ray… Read More ›

Dr. Strange (1978)

Dr. Strange is a 1978 supernatural fantasy television film based on the Marvel Comics fictional character of the same name, created by Steve Ditko. It was written and directed by Philip DeGuere. Stan Lee served as a consultant on the film,… Read More ›