The Premonition – USA, 1975

‘Beyond the power of an exorcist…’ The Premonition is a 1975 American horror film produced and directed by Robert Allen Schnitzer from a screenplay co-written with Anthony Mahon. It stars Sharon Farrell, Richard Lynch and Jeff Corey. Noted American composer Henry Mollicone provided the… Read More ›

Black Ghosts (Sweden, 2015)

‘She has summoned them’ Black Ghosts – original title: Trans Somnium – is a 2015 Swedish horror film written and directed by Andreas Marawell. It stars Sandra Karinsdotter and Kaarina Lindblom. In an attempt to reunite with her dead girlfriend, Maya evokes dark… Read More ›

Asylum of Darkness (USA, 2017)

‘There is evil inside us all’ Asylum of Darkness is a 2017 American horror film written and directed by Jay Woelfel (Ghost Lake; Beyond Dream’s Door; Things). It stars Nick Baldasare, Amanda Howell and Richard Hatch. The film was apparently begun in 2012 as Season… Read More ›

Meatball Machine Kodoku (Japan, 2017)

‘Tokyo is on fire’ Meatball Machine Kodoku – original title: Kodoku: Mîtobôru mashin – is a 2017 Japanese science fiction comedy horror film directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura (Helldriver; Tokyo Gore Police; Zombie TV) from a screenplay co-written by Sakichi Satô (A Chain of Cursed Murders;… Read More ›

Deadly Dreams – USA, 1988

‘Some people are haunted by their dreams. Alex is hunted by his.’ Deadly Dreams is a 1988 American horror film directed by Kristine Peterson (Critters 3; first assistant director: A Nightmare on Elm Street 5; Nightflyers) from a screenplay by actor Thom Babbes. Mitchell Anderson,… Read More ›