Sequence Break (USA, 2016)

‘It will pull you in’ Sequence Break is a 2016 American romantic science fiction horror film written and directed by Graham Skipper (director of Space Clown; actor in The Mind’s Eye; Almost Human; et al). It stars Chase Williamson, Audrey Wasilewski and Fabianne Therese…. Read More ›

Nightmare Box (UK, 2013)

‘Never let them hear you scream’ Nightmare Box is a 2013 British horror film directed by Jon Keeyes from a screenplay co-written with Carl Kirshner. It stars Johanna Stanton, Nicholas Ball and Debbie Rochon. A young woman wakes up trapped inside a room… Read More ›

Abruptio (USA, 2018)

‘Everyone’s a puppet’ Abruptio is a 2018 American surrealist horror film written and directed by Evan Marlowe (Horror House; Blood Rush). It stars James Marsters, Jordan Peele and Robert Englund. Les Hackel (James Marsters) is a guy down on his luck who… Read More ›

Phantasm III (USA, 1994)

Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead – Phantasm III – is a 1994 supernatural horror film written and directed by Don Coscarelli. The film stars Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister and A. Michael Baldwin. Immediately after his apparent demise at the end of… Read More ›

The Head (1959)

‘It just won’t lay down and stay dead’ The Head is a 1959 German science fiction horror thriller written and directed by Russian-born Victor Trivas and produced by Wolf C. Hartwig (Horrors of Spider Island, Dead Sexy, Bloody Moon). It stars Michel… Read More ›

Cryptic Plasm (2015)

Cryptic Plasm is a 2015 American horror film written and directed by Brian Paulin (Blood Pigs; Fetus; Bone Sickness; Mummy Raider). It stars Christina Amaral, Jack Anthony and Kevin Barbare. Cryptozoologist David Gates (Joe Olson) and his team investigate strange phenomena. One of… Read More ›