Dig Two Graves (2014)

Dig Two Graves is a 2014 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Hunter Adams. It stars Ted Levine, Samantha Isler and Danny Goldring. After thirteen year-old Jacqueline Mather (Samantha Isler) loses her brother in a mysterious drowning accident, she is soon… Read More ›

Kuroneko (1968)

Kuroneko – 藪の中の黒猫 Yabu no Naka no Kuroneko – is a 1968 Japanese horror film directed by Kaneto Shindo. The English title translates as “Black Cat”. (The Japanese title translates as “Black cat in a [bamboo] grove”.) A mother, Yone (Nobuko Otowa) and daughter-in-law Shige… Read More ›

Witchboard III: The Possession (1995)

Witchboard: The Possession – aka Witchboard III: The Possession – is a 1995 Canadian/American supernatural horror film directed by Peter Svatek (Big Wolf on Campus; Hemoglobin) from a screenplay by Kevin Tenney (Witchboard and Witchboard 2). It stars David Nerman, Elizabeth Lambert and Cedric Smith. Brian… Read More ›

Adaline: The Conjured (2016)

‘Death has a face… yours’ Adaline: The Conjured – aka The Conjured – is a 2016 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Bidisha Chowdhury, making his feature debut. It stars Jill Evyn, Lane Townsend and Jeremy Walker. A young artist Daniela,… Read More ›

The Veil (2016)

The Veil is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by Phil Joanou (Amazing Stories) from a screenplay by Robert Ben Garant (Jessabelle; Hell Baby). Jason Blum served as a producer through his company Blumhouse Productions. The film stars Jessica Alba… Read More ›

The Heretics (2017)

The Heretics is a 2017 Canadian supernatural horror film co-produced and directed by Chad Archibald (Bite; Ejecta; The Drownsman) from a screenplay by Jayme Laforest (Bite). It stars Nina Kiri, Jorja Cadence and Ry Barrett. A notorious cult kidnaps a young girl, and sacrifice… Read More ›