Itsy Bitsy – USA, 2018

‘Fear spins its web’ Itsy Bitsy is a 2018 American horror feature film directed by Micah Gallo from a screenplay co-written with Jason Alvino and Bryan Dick. It stars Elizabeth Roberts, Bruce Davison and Denise Crosby. A single mother, Kara (Elizabeth Roberts), moves from… Read More ›

Spookies – USA, 1986

‘A night of unrelenting terror’ Spookies is a 1986 American horror film co-directed by Brendan Faulkner, Thomas Doran and Eugenie Joseph from a screenplay co-written with Frank Farel. The creature effects were created by Gabe Bartalos, Arnold Gargulio, Jennifer Aspinall and John Dods. The film… Read More ›

Arachnoquake – USA, 2012

‘The world will quake in fear’ Arachnoquake is a 2012 American made-for-television horror film directed by prolific Griff Furst (I Am Omega; Wolvesbayne; Mask Maker; Lake Placid III; Swamp Shark) from a screenplay by Eric Forsberg (Ghost Shark; Mega Piranha; Snakes… Read More ›

Spiders 2 – USA, 2001

‘They’re back… and this time they’re breeding mad!’ Spiders 2 – aka Spiders 2: Breeding Ground – is a 2001 science fiction horror feature film directed by Sam Firstenberg from a screenplay by Stephen David Brooks (Spiders; The Mangler) and co-producer… Read More ›

Rupture – Canada/USA, 2016

Rupture is a 2016 American-Canadian science fiction thriller feature film directed by Steven Shainberg from a screenplay co-written with Brian Nelson (Hard Candy). The movie stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Chiklis, Kerri Bishé, Ari Millen, Lesley Manville, Percy Hynes White, Morgan Kelly, Sergio Di Zio, Paul… Read More ›

Arachnid – Spain, 2001

‘They have come from another world… to stay!’ Arachnid is a 2001 Spanish horror film directed by Jack Sholder (Alone in the Dark; A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge; The Hidden; Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies) from a screenplay… Read More ›

Lavalantula – USA, 2015

‘Fire burns… lava bites’ Lavalantula is a 2015 science fiction horror film directed by Mike Mendez (The Convent; The Gravedancers; Big Ass Spider!; Tales of Halloween) from a screenplay by Neil Elman (The Sea Beast; Mongolian Death Worm; I Spit on Your… Read More ›

Beast from Haunted Cave – USA, 1958

  ‘Screaming young girls sucked into a labyrinth of horror by a blood-starved ghoul from hell.’ Beast from Haunted Cave is a 1958 horror/gangster/heist film directed by Monte Hellman (Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!) and starring Michael Forest, Frank Wolff (Cold Eyes of… Read More ›

Missile to the Moon – USA, 1958

‘… a strange and forbidding race …a giant fiendish creature’ Missile to the Moon is a 1958 American science fiction film with monsters directed by Richard E. Cunha (Giant from the Unknown; She Demons; Frankenstein’s Daughter) from a screenplay by H.E. Barrie and Vincent Fotre (Night of… Read More ›

Web – novel by John Wyndham

Web is a science fiction/horror novel written by the English author John Wyndham (The Day of the Triffids; The Kraken Wakes; The Midwich Cuckoos) The novel was published by the estate of John Wyndham in April 1979, ten years after his death. Plot summary: The events depicted in Web are… Read More ›

Arachnophobia – USA, 1990

Arachnophobia is a 1990 American horror comedy film directed by Frank Marshall from a screenplay by Don Jakoby (Lifeforce, John Carpenter’s Vampires) and Wesley Strick (Cape Fear, Wolf). Steven Spielberg executive produced along with Marshall. It stars Jeff Daniels, John Goodman (Kong: Skull Island; 10 Cloverfield Lane),… Read More ›

Ice Spiders – USA, 2011

‘They thought Melrose Place had vicious backbiting. They haven’t seen anything yet.’ Ice Spiders is a 2007 American made-for-television science fiction horror film directed by Tibor Takács (The Gate; MosquitoMan; Spiders) from a screenplay by Eric Miller (Night Skies; Swamp Shark;… Read More ›

Killers from Space – USA, 1954

Killers from Space is a 1954 U.S. science fiction feature film, produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder (Phantom from Space; The Snow Creature) from a screenplay by his son Myles Wilder and their regular collaborator William Raynor. The movie stars Peter Graves (Beginning of the End; Scream of the Wolf), Frank Gerstle and Barbara… Read More ›

Big Ass Spider! – USA, 2013

Big Ass Spider! is a 2013 science fiction comedy horror film directed by Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers; Lavalantula; Tales of Halloween) from a screenplay by Gregory Gieras (Day of Reckoning; Centipede!; Dark Asylum). The awesome arachnid is pitted against puny… Read More ›

Tarantula – USA, 1955

Tarantula is a 1955 science fiction horror film directed by Jack Arnold, and starring Leo G. Carroll, John Agar (Revenge of the Creature, The Mole People, Daughter of Dr. Jekyll), and Mara Corday (The Giant Claw, The Black Scorpion). On 24 April 2017, Tarantula is released in the UK… Read More ›

The Haunted Mansion (2003)

The Haunted Mansion is a 2003 American comedy horror family film based on the attraction of the same name at Disney theme parks. The film was directed by Rob Minkoff, written by David Berenbaum and stars Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Jennifer Tilly, Marsha Thomason, and Nathaniel Parker. Plot: Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) is… Read More ›

In the Spider’s Web – USA, 2007

‘Caught in the web of fear’ In the Spider’s Web is a 2007 American made-for-television natural horror film produced by RHI Entertainment and directed by Terry Winsor from a screenplay by Gary Dauberman (Blood Monkey; Swamp Devil; Annabelle; It). The film aired on various video on demand channels, before officially premiering… Read More ›

Earth vs. the Spider aka The Spider – USA, 1958

Earth vs. the Spider (also known as The Spider and Earth vs. the Giant Spider) is a 1958 American science fiction-horror film produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon, who also wrote the story, upon which the screenplay by George Worthing Yates and Laszlo Gorog is based. It stars Ed Kemmer, Eugene Persson and June Kenney. Join the Horrorpedia online community… Read More ›