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The Cat – South Korea, 2011

The Cat is a 2011 South Korean horror feature film directed by Byun Seung-Wook. So-yeon (Park Min-yeong) works at a small pet-grooming shop called Kitty N Puppy. Unfortunately, So-yeon sufferers from claustrophobia and begins seeing apparitions of a ghostly young girl with cat-like eyes… Read More ›

Killer Toon – South Korea, 2013

‘Spirits never forget’ Killer Toon – original titles: 더 웹툰: 예고살인; Deo Web-tun: Yeo-go-sal-in – is a 2013 South Korean supernatural horror film directed by Kim Yong-gyun from a screenplay by co-producer Lee Sang-hak. It stars Lee Si-young, Um Ki-joon and Hyun Woo. After a… Read More ›

The Mimic – South Korea, 2017

A woman, whose son has been missing for some time, moves to the countryside with her husband, daughter and sick mother-in-law.

Out walking one day near Mount Jang, a mysterious mountain where there appears to have existed a mythical creature which mimics the voices of humans, the woman meets a seemingly lost, and mute, young girl by a cave.

The girl reminds her so much of her son that she takes her in, until such time that she can locate her parents or guardian. It is not long before the girl begins to mimic the voice of her own daughter and strange and sinister events start to happen around the house…

The Wailing – South Korea, 2016

The Wailing is 2016 South Korean horror thriller film written and directed by Na Hong-jin about a policeman who teams up with shaman and a mysterious woman to investigate mysterious killings and illnesses. Originally titled: 곡성(Hangul); 哭聲 (hanja); Gokseong (RR), it was a commercial success… Read More ›

The Silenced – South Korea, 2015

The Silenced – (Hangul: 경성학교: 사라진 소녀들; RR: Gyeongseong Hakgyo: Sarajin Sonyeodeul; translation: “Gyeongseong School: The Lost Girls”) is a 2015 South Korean horror film directed by Lee Hae-Young. It stars Park Bo-Young, Uhm Ji-Won and Park So-Dam. In 1938, a girl, Joo-Ran (Park Bo-Young), is transferred to… Read More ›

Cello – South Korea, 2005

Cello – Korean: 첼로 – is a 2005 South Korean horror film directed by Lee Woo-cheol and starring Sung Hyun-ah, Park Da-an and Jeong Ho-bin. After surviving a terrifying car accident that killed her best friend, Mi-ju longs for a peaceful and stable life as a music… Read More ›

Ghastly – South Korea, 2011

Ghastly – original title: 기생령) aka “Gisaeng Spirit” – is a 2011 South Korean horror film directed by Ko Seok-jin from a screenplay by Kim Yoo-ra; it stars Eun-jeong , Han, Hyomin and Min-woo No. After his parents are murdered, Bin is taken into the care of relatives. He… Read More ›

Moebius – South Korea, 2013

Moebius is a 2013 South Korean feature film with strong horror elements written and directed by Kim Ki-duk (The Isle). A housewife (Lee Eun-Woo) becomes enraged with jealousy over her husband’s (Cho Jae-Hyun) affair. Meanwhile, their son (Seo Young-Joo) sits in the periphery,… Read More ›

Horror Stories (South Korea, 2012)

Horror Stories  – 무서운 이야기; Mooseowon Iyagi – is a 2012 South Korean horror omnibus film comprised of four episodes by five South Korean directors. A high school student is kidnapped by a killer and has her life on the line. To survive, she tells him… Read More ›

Deranged – South Korea, 2012

Deranged (Hangul: 연가시; Hanja: 鐵線蟲; RR: Yeongasi) is a 2012 South Korean science fiction horror thriller film and Korea’s first film about an infectious disease epidemic, starring Kim Myung-min, Kim Dong-wan of Shinhwa and Lee Ha-nui. It was produced by Lim Ji-young and Oz One Film, directed by Park Jung-woo and distributed by CJ… Read More ›

Stoker – USA, 2013

  Stoker is a 2013 American horror film, family drama and psychological thriller directed by Park Chan-wook (Oldboy; Thirst) from a screenplay by Wentworth Miller. The movie stars Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode and Nicole Kidman. After India’s father dies, her Uncle Charlie, who she never… Read More ›


Chaw (Hangul: 차우; RR: Chau; MR: Ch‘au) is a 2009 South Korean film about a mutant killer pig wreaking havoc on a small mountain town, and the ragtag team of five that sets out to stop the beast. Plot teaser:… Read More ›

I Saw the Devil – South Korea, 2010

I Saw the Devil – 악마를 보았다; Akmareul boattda – is a 2010 South Korean thriller film directed by Kim Ji-woon, written by Park Hoon-jung, and starring Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik. A psychotic serial killer is on the loose, committing some of the most diabolical crimes the police have ever witnessed. No-one… Read More ›

Into the Mirror (2003)

Into the Mirror – original title: 거울 속으로 – is a 2003 South Korean horror film about a series of grisly deaths in a department store, all involving mirrors, and the troubled detective who investigates them. It was the debut film of director Kim Sung-ho. The film… Read More ›

Death Bell – South Korea, 2008

Death Bell – aka 고死: 피의 중간고사 and Gosa: Piui Junggangosa – is a 2008 South Korean horror feature film directed by Chang [Yoon Hong-seung] who also co-wrote the screenplay. The movie stars Lee Beom-soo in his first horror film role, and K-pop singer Nam Gyu-ri in her acting debut. Set… Read More ›

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel (헨젤과 그레텔) is a 2007 South Korean horror film. The movie opens with pictures from a storybook of Hansel and Gretel. The scene then switches to Eunsu, a salesman, driving his car along Highway 69 while talking to his girlfriend, Haeyoung,… Read More ›

A Tale of Two Sisters – South Korea, 2003

A Tale of Two Sisters (장화, 홍련 Janghwa, Hongryeon literally ‘Rose Flower, Red Lotus’) is a 2003 South Korean psychological horror film written and directed by Kim Ji-woon. The film is inspired by a Joseon Dynasty folktale entitled “Janghwa Hongryeon jeon”, which has been adapted to film several times. A Tale of… Read More ›

A*P*E – USA/South Korea, 1976

A*P*E is a 1976 monster movie. It was an American/South Korean co-production produced by Kukje Movies and the Lee Ming Film Co. (South Korea) and Worldwide Entertainment (USA) with 3-D effects. Directed by Paul Leder and featuring special effects by Park Kwang Nam, the film stars Rod Arrants, Joanna Kerns and Alex Nicol…. Read More ›