Rattlers – USA, 1976

‘What a horrible way to die!’ Rattlers is a 1976 American horror feature film produced and directed by John McCauley (Deadly Intruder) from a screenplay co-written with Jerry Golding. The movie stars Sam Chew, Elisabeth Chauvet, Tony Ballen, Dan Priest, Ron Gold, Darwin Joston, and… Read More ›

King Cobra – USA, 1999

‘It moves without sound… thirty feet of pure venom’ King Cobra is a 1999 American science fiction horror film written, produced and directed by David Hillenbrand and Scott Hillenbrand (Transylmania; Survival Island). The movie features special effects by The Chiodo Brothers (Alien… Read More ›

Stanley – USA, 1972

‘ …will make your skin crawl’ Stanley is a 1972 American horror film produced and directed by William Grefé (Impulse; Death Curse of Tartu; Sting of Death) from a screenplay by Gary Crutcher, based on Grefé’s storyline. It stars Chris Robinson, Alex Rocco and Steve… Read More ›

Snake Outta Compton – USA, 2018

‘The true story of the world’s most dangerous spoof’ Snake Outta Compton is a 2018 comedy horror film directed by Hank Braxtan (Unnatural; Chemical Peel; Blood Effects) from a screenplay co-written with Tim Johnson, James Kondelik, Jon Kondelik (Behind the Walls; A House is… Read More ›

Serpent – South Africa, 2017

‘Don’t move’ Serpent is a 2017 South African psychological thriller film written and directed by Amanda Evans. It stars Sarah Dumont, Tom Ainsley and Skye Russell. A seemingly romantic escape into nature turns into the ultimate moment of reckoning when a husband… Read More ›

Sssssss – USA, 1973

‘Once this motion picture sinks its fangs into you, you’ll never be the same.’  Sssssss – aka Sssssnake – is a 1973 American science fiction horror film directed by Bernard L. Kowalski (Attack of the Giant Leeches; Night of the Blood Beast) from a screenplay by Hal Dresner… Read More ›

Nightmare Circus – USA, 1973

Nightmare Circus is a 1973 American exploitation horror film directed by Alan Rudolph [as Gerald Cormier] from a screenplay co-written with Roman Valenti. It has also been released as Terror Circus and The Barn of the Naked Dead. The film stars Andrew Prine (The Town that… Read More ›

The Antichrist – Italy, 1974

‘Deliver her from evil.’ The Antichrist – original title: ”L’anticristo – is a 1974 Italian supernatural horror feature film directed by Alberto De Martino (Formula for a Murder; Holocaust 2000; The Blancheville Monster) from a screenplay co-written with Gianfranco Clerici (The New York… Read More ›

Python – USA, 2000

‘Created by Nature… Redesigned by Man’ Python is a 2000 made-for-TV horror film with comic overtones directed by Richard Clabaugh (scriptwriter of Eyeborgs) from a screenplay by Chris Neal, Gary Hershberger and Paul J. M. Bogh, based on a story by… Read More ›

CobraGator – USA, 2017

‘You’ll never know what bit you!’ CobraGator is a 2016 American action horror film directed by Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall; Piranhaconda; Gila!) and executive produced by Roger Corman. A crazed genetic engineer (Michael Madsen) from deep within the bayou creates a… Read More ›

Venom – UK, 1981

Venom is a 1981 British horror thriller film directed by Piers Haggard (The Blood on Satan’s Claw; 1979 Quatermass TV serial). It was adapted from the novel of the same name by Alan Scholefield. Main cast:  Klaus Kinski (Nosferatu the Vampyre; Schizoid; Crawlspace), Oliver Reed (Blue Blood; The Brood; Spasms), Nicol… Read More ›

Spasms – Canada, 1982

 ‘You scream, you expand, you explode. A new source of evil is discovered and is out of control.’ Spasms – aka Death Bite – is a 1982 Canadian horror feature film directed by William Fruet (Death Weekend, Funeral Home; Trapped) from a screenplay co-written with Don… Read More ›

Venomous – USA, 2001

‘There is no antidote’ Venomous – aka Snakes – is a 2001 action horror feature film directed by Fred Olen Ray (Scalps; Star Slammer; Evil Toons) [credited as Ed Raymond] from a screenplay by Dan Golden and Sean McGinly. The movie stars Treat Williams (Night of… Read More ›

Hindi comic book covers

The following is just a selection of the Hindi comic book covers posted by Aeron Alfrety on his Monster Brains blog. Sadly, we have no details regarding the historic nature of these often surreal images or the artists themselves.  … Read More ›

King Dinosaur – USA, 1955

King Dinosaur (pre-production title Beast from Outer Space) is a 1955 American science fiction film starring William Bryant and Wanda Curtis with narration by Marvin Miller. It was directed over a seven-day period by Bert I. Gordon and was his debut. The screenplay was written by Tom Gries based on a story by… Read More ›

The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)

The Blood of Fu Manchu, also known as Fu Manchu and the Kiss of Death, Kiss of Death, Kiss and Kill and Against All Odds, is a 1968 horror/adventure film based on the fictional Asian villain Fu Manchu, created by Sax Rohmer. It was the fourth film in a… Read More ›

Silent Rage – USA, 1982

‘Science created him. Now Chuck Norris must destroy him.’ Silent Rage is a 1982 action/science fiction/horror movie starring Chuck Norris, Ron Silver and William Finley. It was directed by Michael Miller (National Lampoon’s Class Reunion and many TV films). The killer, John… Read More ›

Womaneater – UK, 1958

Womaneater – promoted as The Woman Eater – is a 1958 British horror film directed by Charles Saunders (The Man Without a Body) from a screenplay by Brandon Fleming. Producer Guido Coen later made Burke & Hare (1971). The film stars George Coulouris (Blood from the… Read More ›

Snakes on a Plane (2006)

Snakes on a Plane is a 2006 film directed by David R. Ellis and starring Samuel L. Jackson. It was released by New Line Cinema on August 18, 2006, in North America. The film was written by David Dalessandro, John Heffernan, and Sheldon Turner and follows the events of hundreds… Read More ›

Anaconda – USA, 1997

‘When You Can’t Breathe, You Can’t Scream” Anaconda is a 1997 American action-horror film, directed by Luis Llosa, starring Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Owen Wilson, and Eric Stoltz (The Fly II). The plot focuses on a film crew for National Geographic who are kidnapped by a hunter who is going after the… Read More ›

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid – USA, 2011

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid is a 2011 American monster film by The Asylum, directed by Mary Lambert, and starring pop singers Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. A group of animal activists, consisting of Doctor Nikki Riley (Debbie Gibson), Gia (Arden Cho) and Ben (Patrick Hancock), break into a… Read More ›