The Hills Run Red (USA, 2009)

The Hills Run Red is a 2009 American slasher horror film directed by Dave Parker (It Watches; The Dead Hate the Living) and written by David J. Schow (Abbatoir; Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III; Critters 3 and 4). Sophie Monk, Tad Hilgenbrink and William Sadler star. Tyler… Read More ›

Ruin Me (USA, 2017)

‘They paid to be scared. They didn’t know how much it would cost them.’ Ruin Me is a 2017 American slasher horror film directed by Preston DeFrancis, making his feature debut, from a screenplay co-written with Trysta A. Bissett. The Terror Weekend Productions… Read More ›

Engine Trouble (Belgium, 2002)

‘He’s just a scream away.’ Engine Trouble – aka Junior and Damned Forest – is a 2002 Belgian slasher horror film directed by Marc Ickx from a screenplay co-written with Liam Bradley. It stars Cecilia Bergqvist, Bob Dougherty and Marcel Romeijn. Originally released in… Read More ›

Tragedy Girls (USA, 2017)

‘Friends who slay together, stay together.’ Tragedy Girls is a 2017 comedy horror movie directed by Tyler MacIntyre from a screenplay co-written with Chris Lee Hill (they previously created Patchwork). It stars Alexandra Shipp, Brianna Hildebrand and Josh Hutcherson. Two death-obsessed teenage girls use their… Read More ›

Insane (Sweden, 2010)

‘Pay to check in – Pray to check out‘ Insane is a 2010 Swedish horror thriller directed by Anders Jacobsson and Tomas Sandquist from a screenplay co-written with Nathan Berry, Mikael Fuchs, based on a storyline by Henrik Koelman. It stars Lars Bethke, Alida… Read More ›