short film

Skypemare (2013)

‘Log in. Dial a friend. Chat. Die.’ Skypemare is a 2013 American horror short film written and directed by John Fitzpatrick. It stars ‘scream queen’ Cerina Vincent (Tales of Halloween; Freaks of Nature; Cabin Fever) and Annika Marks (Brentwood Strangler; Anguish)…. Read More ›

Agatha (2016)

Agatha is a 2016 American horror short film written, produced, edited and directed by Timothy Vandenburg. It stars Louise Ogle, Penny Kahut and Renee Farrabow. Young Sophie has been hired to bring food every night to a mysterious old woman who is… Read More ›

Tampoon (short film, 2015)

‘The path to perfection is through the grotesque’ Tampoon is a 2015 American comedy horror short film directed by Jeanne Jo from a screenplay co-written with Nicholas Musurca. It stars Alexandra August, Jeanne Jo and J.J. Dunlap Plot: When Miranda makes bad decisions about her… Read More ›

Lake Nowhere (2014)

‘You won’t get out alive!’ Lake Nowhere is a 2014 American supernatural slasher horror short film directed by Christopher Phelps and Maxim Van Scoy, from a screenplay by Phelps and Ryan Scott Fitzgerald. Inspired by the dusty days of VHS, Lake Nowhere is preceded by original… Read More ›