short film

The Tell-Tale Heart – USA, 1953

The Tell-Tale Heart is a 1953 American animated horror short film produced by UPA, directed by Ted Parmelee, and narrated by James Mason (Salem’s Lot; Frankenstein: The True Story). The screenplay by Bill Scott and Fred Grable is based on the 1843 short story of the same title by Edgar… Read More ›

Red Hood IT – USA, 2018

Red Hood IT is a 2018 American fantasy horror mash-up fan made short film edited, photographed and directed by Hisonni Johnson and Alberto Triana, from a screenplay co-written by Johnson and Andrew Hansen. It stars Noel Schefflin, Jeremy Boone and Nathan Ferrier. The film… Read More ›

Don’t Move- short, UK, 2013

‘Don’t blink. Don’t speak. And whatever you do…’ Don’t Move is a 2013 British supernatural horror short – part of the Bloody Cuts series of web horror shorts – directed by Anthony Melton (Don’t Go Down to Wildor; The Outer Darkness; The Birch) from… Read More ›