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Hard Rock Zombies – USA, 1984

‘You can’t keep a good band down’ Hard Rock Zombies is a 1985 American comedy horror feature film directed by Krishna Shah from a screenplay co-written with David Allen Ball. The movie stars E.J. Curse, Geno Andrews, Sam Mann, Mick McMains, Lisa Toothman, Jennifer… Read More ›

Rocktober Blood – USA, 1984

‘Billy’s back from the dead with a message from Hell!’ Rocktober Blood is a 1984 American slasher horror film written, produced and directed by Fred and Beverly Sebastian (Gator Bait). It stars Tray Loren, Donna Scoggins, Cana Cockrell, and features the band Sorcery as actors… Read More ›


Suck is a 2009 Canadian rock-and-roll vampire black comedy film starring, written and directed by Rob Stefaniuk. Stefaniuk stars alongside Canadian actress Jessica Paré, Nicole de Boer, Malcolm McDowell and rock legends Alice Cooper (Prince of Darkness; Bigfoot; Dark Shadows), Iggy… Read More ›