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The Dead Center – USA, 2018

The Dead Center is a 2018 American psychological horror feature film written and directed by Billy Senese (Closer to God). The Sequitur Cinema-Movie City Films production stars Shane Carruth, Poorna Jagannathan and Jeremy Childs. A hospital psychiatrist’s own sanity is… Read More ›

Look Away – USA, 2018

Look Away is a 2018 American horror feature film written and directed by Assaf Bernstein. It tells the story of Maria, an alienated high-school student whose life is turned upside down when she switches places with her sinister mirror image. The movie stars… Read More ›

The House of Violent Desire – UK, 2018

‘Where desire becomes nightmare’ The House of Violent Desire is a 2018 British horror film written and directed by Charlie Steeds (The Barge People; Winterskin; Cannibal Farm). The Dark Temple Motion Pictures production stars Kate Davies-Speak, Peter Cosgrove, Joe Street, and Barrington De La Roche…. Read More ›

Dark Places – UK, 1973

‘The scariest spookiest movie this year… You’ll be terrified in…’ Dark Places is a 1973 British horror feature film directed by Don Sharp (Psychomania; The Creeping Flesh; Witchcraft;The Kiss of the Vampire; et al) from a screenplay by Ed Brennan and Joseph Van Winkle. The movie stars Christopher… Read More ›

The Screaming Skull – USA, 1958

‘The tortured ghost who claimed vengeance in the bride’s bedroom’ The Screaming Skull is a 1958 American horror feature film, written and produced by John Kneubuhl (Two on a Guillotine), inspired by the short story of the same name by Francis Marion Crawford. The was directed… Read More ›

Purgatory – Belgium, 2012

‘Everybody has a dark secret’ Purgatory is a 2012 Belgian psychological thriller feature film directed by Reginald Van Severen from a screenplay by producer Johan Vandewoestijne [as James Desert] (Laundry Man; Maniac Nurses; Rabid Grannies; Lucker the Necrophagous). The movie stars Jorka Decroubelex,… Read More ›

Symptoms – UK, 1974

Symptoms  is a 1974 British horror film directed by José Ramón Larraz (Rest in Pieces; Vampyres; Scream – and Die!) from a screenplay co-written with Stanley Miller. The movie stars Angela Pleasence, Peter Vaughan and Lorna Heilbron. Having been working in Switzerland, Helen Ramsey (Angela Pleasance) is back… Read More ›

Pimped – Australia, 2018

‘One killer night’ Pimped is a 2018 Australian psychological thriller horror feature film directed by David Barker from a screenplay co-written by Lou Mentor. The Playground Films production stars Ella Scott Lynch, Benedict Samuel, Heather Mitchell, Lewis Fitz-Gerald and Robin Goldsworthy. Sarah Montrose meets… Read More ›

The Wasting – Canada/UK, 2016

‘Would you believe her?’ The Wasting is a 2016 Canadian/British psychological drama film written and directed by Carolyn Saunders. It stars Alexz Johnson, Lauren McQueen and Shelagh McLeod. A teenage woman faces emotional challenges – a budding romance with her new boyfriend and growing conflicts… Read More ›

The Baby – USA, 1973

‘There wasn’t enough space in toyland to escape the terror that rocked Baby’s cradle’ The Baby is a 1973 American horror thriller feature film directed by Ted Post (Nightkill; Beneath the Planet of the Apes; Magnum Force) from a screenplay by co-producer… Read More ›

Susu – UK, 2017

‘She found the perfect escape. Others could only try’ Susu is a 2017 British psychological thriller feature film written and directed by Yixi Sun [as Xiaoxiao Sun] and  co-produced by Norman J. Warren (Inseminoid; Terror; Prey; et al). The movie stars Zitong… Read More ›

The Lighthouse – UK, 2016

‘Isolation… Fear… Madness. Save our souls’ The Lighthouse is a 2016 British psychological thriller feature film directed by Chris Crow from a screenplay co-written with Paul Bryant and Michael Jibson. The  Dogs of Annwn production stars Mark Lewis Jones, Michael Jibson and Ian… Read More ›

The Couch – USA, 1961

‘An irresistible impulse to kill – an unbearable compulsion to confess’ The Couch is a 1961 [released 1962] American psychological thriller feature film directed by Owen Crump from a screenplay by Robert Bloch and a story by Blake Edwards and Crump. The movie stars Grant Williams, Shirley Knight, and Onslow… Read More ›

Inheritance – USA, 2017

‘Family is family’ Inheritance is a 2017 American mystery horror feature film written and directed by Tyler Savage. The Portola Pictures production stars Chase Joliet, Sara Montez and Dale Dickey. Ryan Bowman (Chase Joliet) has just inherited a $2.5 million beach house on… Read More ›

Anonymous 616 – USA, 2018

‘I’m the one who knows everything about u’ Anonymous 616 is a 2018 American horror thriller film written and directed by Mike Boss. The Nail Driver Productions movie stars Bella Shepard, Emily Jordan, Daniel Felix de Weldon and David Abramsky. A reunion between two couples becomes… Read More ›

End Trip – USA, 2018

‘Your next ride may be your last.‘ End Trip is a 2018 American horror thriller film directed by Aaron Jay Rome, who also stars, from a screenplay co-written with Eric LeBlanc. The movie also stars Dean J. West, Ashley Lenz and Jaren Mitchell. Prolific Pictures… Read More ›

Dark Crimes – 2016

Dark Crimes – aka True Crimes – is a 2016 Polish-American psychological thriller film directed by Alexandros Avranas from a screenplay by Jeremy Brock. It is based on David Grann’s article ‘True Crime: A Postmodern Murder Mystery’, about convicted murderer Krystian Bala, published in 2008 by The New Yorker. The… Read More ›

Tempus Tormentum – Canada, 2017

‘Every dead thing has thoughts.’ Tempus Tormentum is a 2017 Canadian horror thriller film written and directed by James Rewucki (Aegri Somnia). The Absurd Machine Films production stars Tyhr Trubiak, Dr. Rage, Darren Johnston and Paul McWhinney. Mr. Mouse (Tyhr Trubiak), an unlucky drifter… Read More ›

The Screaming Skull – USA, 1958

The Screaming Skull is a 1958 American horror film, written and produced by John Kneubuhl (Two on a Guillotine), inspired by the short story of the same name by Francis Marion Crawford. It was directed by Alex Nicol (A*P*E; The Night God Screamed; Point of Terror), who also plays the gardener)…. Read More ›

What Keeps You Alive – Canada, 2018

What Keeps You Alive is a 2018 Canadian psychological thriller feature film written, co-produced and directed by Colin Minihan (It Stains the Sands Red; Extraterrestrial). It stars Hannah Emily Anderson, Brittany Allen, and Martha MacIsaac. On the eve of their one year wedding anniversary,… Read More ›

Eat Me – USA, 2018

‘In between life and death’ Eat Me is a 2018 American psychological thriller directed by Adrian A. Cruz from a screenplay by Jacqueline Wright, who also stars alongside Michael Shamus Wiles and Brad Carter. Over the course of one torturous night,… Read More ›

Unsane – USA, 2018

Unsane is a 2018 American psychological horror thriller film directed, photographed and by Steven Soderbergh (Side Effects; Contagion) from a screenplay by Jonathan Bernstein and James Greer. The movie stars Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard and Jay Pharaoh. A young woman is involuntarily… Read More ›

The Night Walker – USA, 1964

‘Fear and fright stalk the night!’ The Night Walker is a 1964 psychological suspense thriller directed by genre specialist William Castle (Strait-Jacket; House on Haunted Hill; Macabre) from a screenplay by Robert Bloch. The movie stars Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Taylor and Judith Meredith. The film’s distinctive… Read More ›

The Handmaiden – South Korea, 2016

The Handmaiden – aka 아가씨- is a 2016 South Korean erotic psychological thriller film directed by Park Chan-wook (Stoker; Thirst; Oldboy). It is inspired by the novel Fingersmith by Welsh writer Sarah Waters, with the setting changed from Victorian era Britain to Korea under Japanese colonial rule. It stars Kim… Read More ›

Like.Share.Follow. – USA, 2017

Like.Share.Follow. is a 2017 American psychological horror film written and directed by Glenn Gers. It stars Keiynan Lonsdale and Ema Horvath. The film had its world premiere at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival on October 18, 2017. It was released on October 31, 2017 by Cinemax. Garrett (Keiynan Lonsdale) is… Read More ›

Sleep No More – USA, 2018

‘Your dreams will become your nightmare’ Sleep No More – formerly 200 Hours – is a 2018 American science fiction horror film directed by Phillip Guzman (Dead Awake) from a screenplay by Jason Murphy. Executive producer Jeffrey Reddick created the Final Destination franchise. It stars Keli… Read More ›

Kaleidoscope – UK, 2016

‘Murder is a matter of perspective’ Kaleidoscope is a 2016 British psychological thriller film written and directed by Rupert Jones. It stars his brother, Toby Jones (Berberian Sound Studio), Anne Reid, and Sinéad Matthews. Middle-aged Carl (Jones), recently released from… Read More ›

The Attic – USA, 1980

  ’13 steps to terror’ The Attic is a 1980 American horror drama film directed by George Edwards (producer of Frogs; How Awful About Allan; Queen of Blood) and [uncredited] cinematographer Gary Graver from a screenplay co-written with Tony Crechales and Mel… Read More ›

Splitting Image – USA, 2017

Splitting Image is a 2017 psychological thriller feature film directed by Nick Everhart (The Penny Dreadful Picture Show); Slash-in-the-Box [short]) from a screenplay co-written with John Doolan. Anna Hutchison, Aaron Arnold and Austin Arnold star. Having grown up an orphan and raised by… Read More ›

Don’t Look There – USA, 2018

Don’t Look There is a 2018 American horror thriller film directed by Richard Zelniker from a screenplay by J.R. Reher (Ray’s the Dead; Inside the Grizzly Maze) and Jean-Marie Sobeck (Decay). The 12 Cabins 12 Vacancies production stars Natalie Alyn Lind, Emmanuelle Vaugier and… Read More ›