Stung (2015)

‘Get inside. Get away. Just don’t get…’ Stung is a 2015 American-German comedy horror film directed by Benni Diez (Galaxy of Horrors: “Kingz” segment). The cast includes Matt O´Leary (Santa Clarita Diet; Frailty; Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire), Jessica Cook, Peter… Read More ›

The Descent (2005)

‘Face your deepest fear’ The Descent is a 2005 British horror film written and directed by Neil Marshall (Tales of Halloween; Dog Soldiers). The plot follows six women who, having entered an unmapped cave system, become trapped and are hunted by blood-thirsty… Read More ›

Arbor Demon (USA, 2016)

‘Don’t breathe’ Arbor Demon – formerly Enclosure – is a 2016 American horror film directed by Patrick Rea (Fun Size Horror: Volume Two; The Invoking 2; Nailbiter) from a screenplay co-written with Michelle Davidson. A couple’s romantic camping trip is cut short after… Read More ›

CobraGator (2016)

‘You’ll never know what bit you!’ CobraGator is a 2016 American action horror film directed by Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall; Piranhaconda; Gila!) and executive produced by Roger Corman. Cast: Jesse Bernstein (Death Tunnel; 13 Days), Bryan Clark, Savannah Goldsmith, Aaron Groben… Read More ›