Bonnacon – mythical creature

The bonnacon – also known as bonasus; bonacho or vilde kow – is a legendary creature described as a bull with inwardly-curving horns and a horse-like mane. First described by Pliny the Elder, medieval bestiaries usually depict the bonnacon’s colouring as reddish-brown or black. Due to the fact… Read More ›

Big Legend – USA, 2018

‘The myth is true’ Big Legend is a 2018 American Bigfoot action horror feature film written and directed by Justin Lee (Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City TV series). The movie stars Kevin Makely, Todd A. Robinson, Amanda Wyss, Lance… Read More ›

The Mimic – South Korea, 2017

A woman, whose son has been missing for some time, moves to the countryside with her husband, daughter and sick mother-in-law.

Out walking one day near Mount Jang, a mysterious mountain where there appears to have existed a mythical creature which mimics the voices of humans, the woman meets a seemingly lost, and mute, young girl by a cave.

The girl reminds her so much of her son that she takes her in, until such time that she can locate her parents or guardian. It is not long before the girl begins to mimic the voice of her own daughter and strange and sinister events start to happen around the house…

The Barn – USA, 2016

‘On Halloween night the legend of The Barn awakens’ The Barn is a 2016 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Justin M. Seaman from a screenplay with additions by Maggi Mizell, Michael Prutzman and Mark J. Reyes. The Nevermore Productions movie stars… Read More ›

Killer Mermaid aka Nymph – Serbia, 2014

‘Mysterious. Irresistible. Deadly.’ Killer Mermaid – aka Killer Mermaids; Nymph; and Mamaula – is a 2014 Serbian horror feature film directed by Milan Todorovi from a screenplay by Barry Keating (Downhill; Nightworld).The movie stars Kristina Klebe (Tales of Halloween), Franco Nero (Hitch-Hike), and Natalie Burn. Friends… Read More ›

Nachzehrer – folklore

A nachzehrer is a form of vampire found in Germanic and Polish regions including Silesia and Bavaria, which also exhibits behaviour displayed by ghouls. The name translates as “after (nach) living off (zehre)” likely alluding to their living after death… Read More ›

El Silbón – folklore

El Silbón – English translation: “The Whistler” – is a character appearing in both Colombian and Venezuelan folk tales, famed for terrorising men, women and children, especially the latter whom he is known to feast upon. The legend of El Silbón… Read More ›