Dawn of the Mummy (1981)

‘They came from the dead… A monstrous, chilling terror stalking the living.’ Dawn of the Mummy is a 1981 American/Egyptian supernatural horror film produced and directed by Frank Agrama (Queen Kong), from a screenplay co-written with Ronald Dobrin and Daria Price. Original director Armand… Read More ›

American Mummy (2014)

‘The curse is unearthed’ American Mummy – aka Aztec Blood – is a 2014 supernatural American horror film directed by Charles Pinion (We Await; Red Spirit Lake; Twisted Issues) from a screenplay co-written with producer Greg Salman. It stars Suziey Block, Aidan Bristow,… Read More ›

Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

‘You know the legends… Now learn the truth.’ Bubba Ho-Tep is a 2002 American comedy horror film written, co-produced and directed by Don Coscarelli (John Dies at the End; Phantasm and sequels). It stars Bruce Campbell as Elvis Presley — now a… Read More ›

Dak Bangla (“Rest House”, 1987)

Dak Bangla (“Rest House”) is a 1987 Indian supernatural horror film directed by Keshu Ramsay (Haveli) from a screenplay by Kumar Ramsay (Purana Mandir; Dahshat; Darwaza), and produced by Reshma Ramsay. It stars Rajan Sippy, Swapna, Ranjeet, Mazhar Khan and Marc Zuber. The synth-heavy… Read More ›